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That means about half of the people who donated are now going to either lose basically everything they put into Ethereum network fees. So who gets rich? By the way, same thing with NFTs. Who makes money in FT's? The people who generate the NFTs, the miners who charge the gas fees. That's who's making money on all this stuff. Yeah, well done. I mean, that's not terrible. I mean, if you are a creator, then NFTs might be interesting to you because you can generate NFTs get the fees. But if you don't sell it if you can't sell that NFT, you still had to pay the fee to generate it. And the people who made my point is they're always going to be a platform. They're the people making the picks for the gold miners. And they're going to be in the long run that people are going to make the money because they make it on average. That's not true. There will be the few gold miners who make money and some that will make a little money. And then you need picks and shovels. I mean, let's not nobody was demonizing the people making the picks and shovels back in. It feels like you're kind of demonizing the platforms here. It's not the picks and shovels. It's the boat captain who's going to rip you off, getting you up to the gold country. Yeah. Oh, okay. That's fair. I'm like, I don't know if this metaphor. I don't think the folks who organized constitution DAO made any money on the gas fees. I don't think so. In fact, they say it was a victory. If you go to the website. They say this project has been such an incredible experience, and we are so honored and appreciative it been on this journey with you. That's like when I fall down and I hop back up and I go, tada. This project was a landmark event that showed the entire world that a group of Internet friends can use the power of just a lot of money. Web three. Another buzz word to face a seemingly insurmountable goal in achieving incredible results on an impossible timeline. It is our sincere hope that this project will spark many others that take inspiration from the enthusiasm and accomplishments of everyone involved to use the power of web three to make a positive impact on the world. We love you all and are truly humbled to be part of this history together. I think there's a lot of potential to crypto and cyber and blockchain accept that. It got taken over by a bunch of crypto Bros. That male male jerks. Yeah. Okay,.

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