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In how to cook with expense of ingredients so it is just what came naturally you know it's what's expensive for most people at the point entries just going to be getting spices free rice current but otherwise it i it's just up super approachable ingredients but yeah veganism gets expensive when you're getting the fancied blended like non dairy milk ice creams and all of that kind of stuff the one thing that we found pretty early on is you need there is some trial and error in terms of buying fresh ingredients and and how long lose those things will stay fresh all yeliboya and knowing how much earth yeah how much let us your family will legit eat it directly event that's trial and area who find the rhythm of that you buy you can buy exit you know kind of right down to you and belief yeah i would add blade as good on you guys are balloon good conscious of food waste a lot of people don't think about their when the grocery shopping a we whether it that is in new albany affordability yeah we didn't know how to add food waste words just in the cookbook space like the some of the people that we were shooting with their redesigned care like food waste is is huge in when people shooting cookbooks white that seems so counterproductive not likely we have a lot of fans who are hungry so we will weaken everything and everything in our kitchen it gets eaten and if he doesn't like we have a our it our office the we were talking about we have like a compost spin so everything is composted or gets eaten these lomo said no food ways at that's great will so we'll uh what are you guys working on now anap now lee road harry we row threebest thousand three years man we were exhausted when that she was over sure hager jezreel i finished out and get again is two thousand eighteen yeah now we so yeah we took 2017 cut off so that we could layer checkin with ourselves.

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