President Trump, Greenland, NBC discussed on Mark Levin



Had another roller coaster day today multiple outlets are reporting that the president has floated the idea of buying Greenland for the US Wall Street journal quote say the saying it comes with various degrees of seriousness Dale Earnhardt junior is said to be out of the hospital following a fiery plane crash in eastern Tennessee occupants on the airplane pilot co pilot your heart junior is locking child Carter county sheriff dexter Lunsford says a jet rolled off the end of a runway after landing but at everyone fortunately is okay Daria opener ABC news scattered afternoon evening thunderstorms gradually diminish over the area temperatures dipped down to the lower seventies later tonight tomorrow we have partial sunshine a smaller chance of afternoon storms highs near ninety from NBC to all this is meteorologist Jim Duncan for news radio I'm forty W. R. V. and now on ninety six point one FM trending a gunman in a police standoff in Philadelphia I am surprised that it came out the latest at the top and bottom of the hour the real concern would be a state inverted for at least a six month newsradio W. R. V. eight to stop the show people talk about fifty party we are seven seven three eight one one one I'm kind of hoping I can get.

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