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Now back to straight talk with Ross Mathews. Welcome back to the program is so great to have cater tied here with us as we celebrate Nicky's birthday Titi tibidot tater something like, you know, it's funny when people begin the show they listened to Ross. I just start your podcast. I go will enjoy the ride, but you know, he ends up in very today. The show sounds different than it did when it started a lot of different iterative. Yeah, just because you know, this is we don't do this to make a living. We do this because I always call it an since the beginning. It's an extracurricular activity shop when you can't, you can't. No, it's no problem every single one of you guys here, but so when people get a job, they gotta go. But sometimes I worry, it's not that I worry is it still good. I worry, you know, I get invested in people, you know, and I still see everyone that left. So it's not like I don't get to be in touch with them, you know, but will the audience will they will they miss the old days where they like the new days better than the old. Days, what will they feel? What would they think? Right. And so I'm so in touch with the audience. I get all your emails when you Email me Ross. Hello, Ross Ross straight. Talk with Ross dot com comes right to me. Okay. To my phone. I keep my phone with front pocket. So Email often. Belittle. Surfer Email that we. The. Defined. Yeah. We do need a sound effect. This Email comes from Joanna who says, hi, Ross straight, talk family. I just found the podcast about Schick months ago, and I've been binging crazy when I was about ten episodes in. I tried to jump ahead and listened to a new it pursued and tater Brinda, Steve rich and Doria were all gone. I was so upset almost stopped listening. I decided to listen till they leave and stop. But let me tell you. Gillian continues, Joe, Joe, let me tell you. I am so glad I listened to everything in order because I absolutely fell in love with this podcast and every single person has come on. I can't imagine a podcast now without CJ Nikki Willie or Fags who all absolutely dive for even miss when he is an on the closer I get to catching up, the more I find myself slowing down because I do not want to have to listen just weekly. This podcast has gotten me through some really tough patches in my life and job that I'm miserable at just get into work pop in my headphones and crackup in my little corner listening, please don't ever change. I love you all. Oh. Joanna, thank you on behalf of each and every. Thank you. Suba. From the. Starting..

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