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Has not been played didn't play well, the first two days, and he's been the leader of this, this team. But I know you're you and coach fields looking for better. Thanks from Kohlhammer tomorrow. That's right. Cold group freshman one of three two freshmen in our in our five here this week. He's been tearing up all great player expecting to get it together. A little bit. Dolphins game sometimes, you know, and this course clubbing is. Really? In every way. It's really difficult. If penalizing. An incident during about a seven walk, so. Early testing. Everybody. That's a long walk in. It's about seventy yard understand. It is John Paul has course, has of course, dried add a little bit. I know there's been rain on and off for the last week. Or so, you know, they had a lot of rain last week for the women's event, and we haven't had. I wouldn't say what we're not really getting thing, maybe a little bit of much. But I think it's probably more receptive than it would have been otherwise. Great save really, really great. Johny Tyson Tyson family have this place together. They really haven't fared any expense in trying to put on the best that they can't here in Arkansas. Oh, it's been good. Do they serve a lot of fried chick several out of fried chicken in the clubhouse funny today? They had a little blackening chicken. I don't think they've gotta be fried. Fried chicken jerk chicken day. Clayton brawl chicken, chicken got their John. Paul state went wild today. There are eleven.

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