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From Lake Michigan to Lake Geneva bread oxen Hagen seasonal service is here to help with all your landscaping needs call two six two three nine two three four four four or online it's seasonal services dot com three forty traffic and weather begins with Debbie lies a guy hate him Hey there John we have eastbound ninety four slowing down a little bit between his you and downtown but ten minute ride so three minute back up the westbound side downtown to the zoo will be about seventeen minutes so turned it back up from the Z. to highway sixteen that'll be about thirteen forty one south on highway two to the zoo that's up to a ninety minute ride SO four minute back up cellphone side of forty three still looking okay in about twelve minutes the northbound side is a twelve minute ride to between downtown a good hope road that is a four minute backed up and then as you had from this downtown to laden Avenue it's gonna be about ten minutes it's gonna be a three minute back up there the traffic and weather together on the sounds of heavy losses that WTMJ palette of you why dot com WTMJ five day forecast a wind advisory from the southeast Wisconsin to six o'clock tonight tomorrow cloudy windy pretty quiet a high of thirty seven degrees Friday like rain snow mix a high of forty Saturday rain likely high forty two Sunday snow showers high forty it's currently thirty six degrees Johnson's afternoon news on W. is it a real circular he's over in the studio right back in here with me I just have to trim icon and let him go point adamant he knows when to do it well I say he I actually don't know how do you tell if it's a mailer what are the mails the one with the big when it is right.

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