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Bob greasy and Dan Marino the NFL will release its regular season schedule on Thursday night the league announcing that as it continued conducting business mostly as usual amid the corona virus pandemic thus far the league has not announced any major changes to its schedule as a result of the pandemic which is brought most organized sports around the globe to a halt that's sports on September I heart radio goes one on one with mono Adam from you too describing how they stay in through CAS stick about their live performances for rose it's a strange because whatever you on Tuesday night you know it has to be Friday night and then you realize it has to be new year's eve things come down from but to get to it takes really get inside the songs and if you really get inside the songs you know you're in them and thankfully for me is to be in the to be able to see if you get one of those great songs and then on to come by if you don't mind paying them you know you've given them to the audience and they kind of give them back to you so it's always fun to play keep listening to I heart radio for more of you to and all your favorite artists you're listening to an ABC news special nineteen or what you need to know in the B. C. news correspondent Amy Robach with me as always is ABC chief medical correspondent Dr Jen Ashton and doctor Ashley let's talk about children this is the headline.

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