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The country none bigger we fake right now then seventhranked michigan hosting air force a one score game wolverines lead in an harbour by six points less than two minutes to go in the third quarter so still plenty of time to create some breathing room or see the three plus underdog falcons eight the lead and make things wrong really interesting out there in the big house i'm doug syrian alongside right edwards and trevor mattis's called game bay on espn radio the s p anap like i mentioned we are in louisville that is the home of heisman trophy winner lamar jackson new continues to evolve as a player can you go back to back with only she had done wants to college football history ohio state running back archie griffin in the 1970s the only twotime winner of the prestigious award but what about the next level is he a cube in the nfl espn draft expert no keiper junior earlier today if law aboard his defense of why can't be blocked but it will offense alive not lamar jackson's bought their drop in passes that he's he's washed out all the time is running for his life with math is all the this lump sum defense arguably the best in the country it's not what they take arguably out there there are the best in the country that defensive are certainly the best in the country or four future nfl early round draft was on that defensive line a lot for the bar jackson the try to work through a put up numbers against him all right so milk i talk about the defensive quality defense lamar jackson will have to face tonight as oklahoma state has found the end zone again this time on defense eight x six for the pope's and gush their eight touchdown of the game and we are only a few minutes in to this third quarter so back to lamar jackson trevor i know you've been really impressed with his evolution is a cubic i have.

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