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Especially they come here by service advisor are insane and some of the I mean some of your YouTube a couple of years off I don't know, then you came back, where was it? Cuz it injury and also, like, do you recommend sometimes people taking time off? No, not at all. I mean, so I took a year off or push myself biting. It wasn't my choice at all. It was just something that happened. I was in a situation where, unless you tested positive for banned substances. So I had to go to a litigation to cancel my name, Gary things figured out or whatever, and it's a 16 months for that being to play out in the, hey, you know what you're interested, you're good to go, get back to fighting, but never was informed. I would like to choose to do, or want to do as I get older. Like, yeah, I mean, the time off is definitely not necessary. I mean, even the bike is Jeff nailed and that was literally going. I won't specify what it was, but let me go and check with broken bones. Like I was just like, I'm, I'm here, I'm going to fight like I'm going to get this thing done one way or the other, and this broken bone is not going to stop be so and now that wage It's or another device pass me. Now that I'm like Brian was sitting on a wind and I'm able to enjoy the first of all later, so to speak. That's the time that definitely take a few weeks, a few months off, whatever it is that the injury he'll get right back to it. I mean, some of the guys you beat like, you beat, Johnny Hendricks, you beat Carlos Condit, you meet Robbie Lawler. I mean, these are all these Hall of Famers home. You could have, you might be a Hall of Famer, you know, that, right. Let me sweet man. I mean like it's kind of cool cuz I go out there and I do it day-by-day fight and at the end of the day when this page, all said and done, you get put out there some of the greatest as all of their freedom and I'll be an honor to be up there. I mean, you think you might better when you're the underdog. This seems like everything 100% off. It's kind of funny cuz I remember like, one of my teammates also. However, he was joking about this but I remember we were I remember what the hell, the conversation started, but we're sitting here, we're talking about. I was telling all the fights that log. I wonder I was always picked not the way they go. Somewhere, like, came in, I went to spice, it injuries. I'm like a 5 to 100, dog and this, and that, and I always come out and I win those fights and he looks to me with a straight face and says, yeah, we lose every five years supposed to win and I'm just like, that's true..

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