Las Vegas, Michael Avenue, President Trump discussed on Laura Ingraham


The intersection of fort Apache in mall avenue Las Vegas. Metro captain. Nick free says the area does have a lot of kids walking around in it and drivers need to be more aware. We have a park we have a school. We have wet and wild. So I think it's important for drivers just to know their surroundings and be defensive drivers both victims were taken to area hospitals where one passed away the second child received injuries to their leg and foot the driver remained on the scene in past all sobriety tests. Several people were injured in a shooting in north Las Vegas, Monday evening, north Las Vegas. Police say that shooting took place near priest elementary school in Cheyenne high school and San Miguel avenue we say, none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. They did not say what led to that shooting Nevada? Lawmakers are considering at least seventeen bills on sexual assault sex trafficking and sexual misconduct during this year's legislative session. The legislative proposals are wide ranging as the topics themselves encompassing points through the legal system. Many of the bills bolster rights and protections for survivors of sexual abuse or make it easier to prosecute sexual offenses, Michael have a naughty. Best known as the lawyer for porn star. Stormy Daniels has been arrested and charged with extortion by federal prosecutors in New York and Los Angeles, the US attorney's office in Los Angeles says Michael avenue was arrested in New York on charges of extortion, Bank fraud and wire fraud, according to a criminal complaint avenue threaten to use his ability to garner publicity to smear Nike the complaint describes the scheme where nutty threatened. Call a news conference to allege misconduct by employees of the sportswear giant unless the company paid him millions of dollars the arrest came less than an hour after avenue tweeted that he planned to hold a news conference tomorrow regarding Nike Warren Levinson, New York, the house will try later today to override President Trump's veto of a resolution blocking his declaration of a national emergency at the US Mexico border, the vote to override the. Presidents. I veto seemed certain to fail which would let stand is border emergency declaration that would allow Trump to shift three point six billion dollars from military construction projects to work on a barrier along the south west boundary. However, even if his veto remains intact. Trump may not be able to spend the money right away because of lawsuits that might take years to resolve Mike Kemp in Washington, the Las Vegas aviators of announced parking will be free at the new Las Vegas ballpark. Under construction in Summerlin the season in stadium opening set for April ninth there will be three designated parking lots around the stadium with a capacity of about twenty five hundred vehicles. Also, an overflow parking lot on the west side of downtown Summerlin retail shopping area with a check on our weather. Here's news threes. Kelly Curran, we are going to see a few clouds out there today. We'll call it.

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