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Made Patrick Mahomes I. Think look look average. Now, I'm not now you're don't don't take my words out of context here. I'm not saying well, homes is average. He's the best player in the NFL. But this broncos defense played well, you had one half of your team playing well. And I don't think the offense I mean I don't think there is bad as they looked. On. Sunday. I think if lock not taking those chances. I think you're seeing much closer game. Are they winning that game? I mean after the Broncos got that fumble recovery? Seven nothing chiefs look like they're just gonNA run down the field all day Alexander Johnson forces that fumble. And you're thinking okay. Well, we just turned the tide. In this thing you score you missed the extra point. Brennan Mattis Does Not Miss Extra points. Yes the chiefs are better than the broncos. Maybe much better. Maybe I'm way off they are better I'll give you that nobody's arguing that. But you have to admit everything that could go wrong on the offensive side of the ball and special teams went wrong for Denver. How often is that going to happen? McLean says not to mention. John, Winfrey had no chance didn't we trade up to draft him elway should let me drive for. I don't know man. The draft has been A. mind. Boggling for a very long time for me. Dixon's sending the laugh the cry laugh emojis. Yeah. You're right. The scoreboard shows at forty three, sixteen you got it. But this is why you have to you. We're looking at the entire thing here and I know broncos country. Some of you were ready to write drew lock off some. Are you saying it's only games I'm not saying it's only eight games I want to know who this guy is but this this four week, this four weeks stretch here is gonNa tell us everything we need to know? If you fail this than the broncos need to be doing something else I think mentally you got to tweak something withdrew. that. That's up to Pat Shurmur that's up to this broncos. Offensive side to figure that out and I think they will I don't think you're going to see. Anything like you saw Sunday I. Think you're going to see drew lock Not playing so far outside of himself I think he wanted to put on a show. And he's not there yet thirty nine minutes after the hour. Colfax, let's get the latest on the local sports flash..

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