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I'm not ready. today this week is all also win so it's a next Thursday that's exciting. when they're pumping him full of ginkgo biloba or whatever. correct injections of cars okay turns out binge watching on Netflix is coming to an end well lease for some of the original shows the streaming giant announcing that they will start releasing new episodes of their original shows on a weekly basis that's interesting so Disney announced that to that that's the way they're going to handle news is apple TV they also announced that so they everybody must to decided that's not where the money is on the eight people watching stay in a rainy weekend watch all thirteen episodes so for my understanding Netflix has a real problem with people finishing their series and they feel like because there isn't the routine of all its Thursday friends is on it right now people people love the first four episodes when they have nothing to do on a Saturday but there's not a lot of revisiting warming reminded that it's on well I would suggest two things number one you don't get the laws that you get when there's a new ad so some legal and over again and secondly like autumn better call Saul which I love and Ozark which is another been G. type show that absolutely love both of those have been off for like fifteen eighteen months I can barely remember why I like them I think I'll go back to him but I'm not sure what the you know who who's had the best luck with his game of thrones sopranos did really well right we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna make you wait till next year for a sixth season episode when you're in a hunger for near a week four week by week and then we're gonna make you wait another year for another eight episodes another thing they're trying to build bots that right you're right kind of course correct with is the is the buzz machine there's no ability to water cooler talk when everybody's watching the seasons on their own time frame right so you don't reviewers have a hard time figuring out how much post review the show I don't know where my readers are in it. so they're still they're trying to play nice with some of those aspects as well. all right that's a wrap that your news I'm Marshall Philip C. Armstrong get a show that conscience of the nation I think a real common thing going forward is when they release the season they will release like two or three episodes in in the weekly after that get your get you started. are you got a taste is free what really what play that clip if you haven't heard of what brit Hume said about Joe Biden coming up and then you're gonna tells how the human race is going to and you know if we have time. if we don't have time for that when we have time for well we all going to die eight this segment might end to be one of the doomsday scenario a car while I mean how ironic would it be if you know I'm counting down the doomsday scenarios I do number two which is say you know antibiotic resistant bog right and the number one. number one is a scenario most lighting. the meteor hits. number four. I mean. number four killed us okay that's all that would be ironic ma'am Armstrong and getting shot..

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