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The parkland florida mass shooting claimed seventeen lives nationwide some students are planning to walk out of classes paul tandy spokesman for the parkway school district was asked what students in his district have planned having a moment of silence after reading the names of the victims one school they're considering going out to the tracking and participating in a seventeen minute walk in support of the of the victims it is hashtag enough day and we've been checking which local school districts are allowing students to stand up and leave class in which districts are warning about walkout consequences this will says okay we're going to allow you at this time of day you can do the walkout but you need to be back in the classroom seat at this time of the day and if you're not here's some of the consequences not that we're trying to punish you or anything we just want you to understand consequences because where state guidelines for school attendance school security consultant catherine smith torres suggests superintendents get some cover by having their school boards make the final decisions one way or the other she notes that gun control is a political hot potato so district leaders can't expect criticism whether they support the student rallies or not he's one of the twentyeight alderman who make the laws for the city of saint louis john collins muhammed is arrested for a string of traffic law violations police arrested muhammed on monday he got into a minor fender bender and when they checked his driver's license was suspended and he did not have proof of insurance they also found out he's wanted for an outstanding warrant in jefferson city missouri for skipping a traffic court date their komo xs kevin colleen says the twenty six year old alderman has been on the board for about a year in that time he made headlines calling for a state audit of a city and he also proposed the city studied the effects of slavery on crime and poverty here with a view toward reparations illinois governor rauner has vetoed legislation that would have required gun stores to be licensed by.

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