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Whether it be the shore, the Hamptons or Europe around west as quite an example, my house is not worth over a million dollars. But I'm paying more in taxes. Okay. I have one of my three children and lives in town in the small three bedroom farmhouse on it's an old ally. And it doesn't have the larger possibly land. But he was just planning to me last week that whose taxes went up this year from twenty six hundred dollars a year to thirty three hundred dollars a year, which is absurdly low. If you compare to enemies of side property with three bedrooms in Bergen county. Wow. This this. This is a good secret to to let out now. I don't know how many people you're going to get moving into your town. Are you able to handle the influx? Well, I think as a certain point the inventory will dry up right now, it's kind of tweets five, and so the savvy person who's sitting around with his accountant and going through the deductions and being shocked by the fact that they don't have that big deduction anymore. I think they're going to think twice and wonder is it foolish live where they are. Or should they consider moving two or three miles away to a town that has a large parcels of land? The more rural kind of feeling and significant lower taxes and great security with almost private police force an excellent elementary school. No way. That's quite a deal. And I thank you for sharing. Allen. You know, you're doing you're doing a good job from what I hear in saddle river. Now, the only question for you as mayor can you get me into the settle riverine. So that's that's gonna be. Oh. As you probably know the Santa river is considered in the tri-state area won the top three or four or five. You talk to a restaurants in the area, but one of the beautiful bunches of the saddle river in addition to being an excellent restaurant in and of itself because of food is the fact that saddle river is a dry town. So they don't have a liquor license. Therefore, you bring your own wine. So you can bring that bottle of wine that they deal purchase for forty or fifty dollars. That was narrowly in the similar restaurant at that caliber, you don't pay eighty three times that price that price. So right there you saving not only on your tax Bill is your local residents. You're saving on your food as well. All right. Let's all move to Santa river. Al Curtis the mayor of saddle river, New Jersey. Thank you very much for the tip. And. Keep up the good work. Appreciate it. Thank you. And you keep up the great work. You're doing a great job out there. Now. Thank you. Whatever you dream up party said he will help you bring it to life. So this ain't Patrick St. get all the green you need like festive, hats, beads, and tease. You'll also find new plaid kilts blazers and ponchos a party city, plus hundreds of parade items from just a.

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