Albuquerque, Murder, Craig Smith discussed on The Mark Levin Show


A murder charge in albuquerque is now accused in another murder the albuquerque journal reports that fifty five year old craig smith has been indicted in the death of eighty six year old ho safina ortega who was suffocated inside her home near one to bow and indian school last mate smith and forty year old yvonne how demille are charged with murder conspiracy kidnapping and aggravated burglary smith was earlier charged with murder in the death of terry williams whose burned body was found in the east mountains about a month before ortega was killed and a healthy increase in state revenue for new mexico so far this fiscal year the governor's office says that revenue is up thirteen percent that's an increase of six hundred and seventy two million dollars factors contributing to the revenue growth include an eighteen percent jump in personal income tax revenue amounting to fifty million dollars corporate tax growth went up eighteen million or sixty six percent gross receipts taxes added more than four hundred million dollars or an increase of eleven percent the governor's office says that revenues in most tax categories show significant increases through the first seven months of the fiscal year and movie crews in new mexico can expect some more work the state's film office says that the movie the short history of the long road will begin principal photography in and around albuquerque starting in mid april and lasting through mid may it's an independent production from by subtly pictures lunacy productions and relic pictures the state's film office says that the production will hire thirty five new mexico crew members and thirty five new mexico actors along.

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