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A lot of markle's childhood seemed pretty depressing. Obviously there was some secrecy and his family like his dad would be putting my nothing wrong with it. There's no openness. There yarn may like it. It felt like it was was They always hinted that these other was also drinking like he. He grew up. He grew up in the environment where everyone is kind of shamed by who they are even his father were just supposed to be like manley role model but there was a sane way he was there a same where he was also like drinking as well and he got gave a bit to billy. Yeah you stole a bottle of alcohol from from his father's cabinet and billy said would notice it and says now there's plenty he'll he never notices. Yeah i dunno it. Just saying like this weird thing to put in the because he did not seem like he was obviously he just felt like he wasn't parented promptly. You know what i mean like. He felt like his parents always doing stuff putting on makeup drinking and stuff like he was just sort of markle honestly just. He felt like he was like a stray cat. Like just like just out there kissing boys and stuff like that like it felt like he didn't have a really regimented. Sorta schedule word. I think with no one was there to care for him. Yeah it felt a we that he went from that to being this really like put together a self-confident person at the end of the film. Which is a great thing. Says we say the seeds of that really you know reminded me of. He really reminded me of What's his name. Plato from rebel without a cause. Same kind of thing no parent to round. Yeah yeah actually except here. He really is gay. An interesting comparison. You're just gonna be like yeah reminds me of player and just not say from that. Of course i was like i really read that on but never met a book. I think we we mentioned that before. Enders game by orson scott card. I i know i could put an image in my head but not really. Don't watch the movie just as the book. But what's interesting is that there. It's a whole it's a whole story but there's another book that the same author wrote a couple of years later called anders shadow and basically follows his sidekick but you actually realize in that book that everything that happened was kind of like pushed in the shadows by by that side. Character called. Been who orchestrated everything. I would love to watch a movie. That shows how actually michael is the hero of billy elliot and he orchestrated everything. And he's actually you know he's doing it out of love to billy but he knows that he can't have him but he still wants him to be happy to fulfill himself and being the hero of his own life and that would come out really nicely with with the ending of him going to the london. Alethia there that and watching how his actions can to four in the success of bill. Hey was secretly funneling. The miners information strives politics. The whole the whole movie could've been fun. We should go out tonight. I would be a good day leaving the lights on. that'd be very earlier. that day. He goes to see billy's. Dan wouldn't be fun to go drinking with your pals come back until eleven him with different ideas all the non alcoholic beer show. Yeah all in all. This is good movie. It's well made. It's not too long. it's not too short. Great acting as we all agree. Say that now that we talk about it. I actually see even more beautiful size of it. You know how everything is kind of build to show how. How much is stories special. You know even if there are some gaps. I think that there are really minor ones and the overall experience of the film is pretty magnificent. So all in all i'm i'm i really enjoyed the experience. I'm just gonna say this is the best film set in scotland in nineteen eighty-four about for sure. I'm not even sure. If scotland never mind our challenge. It was a good film Is i said stop. It was a slow one for me to get into a little bit. Because there's no you're like war aliens aiding and and By the sometimes character-driven films. I like that united like you can't start a film with all the characters and they might have patience. You need to build them up and Honestly i do really great job this. There's no real shortcuts. They took to build up character. Light they just they did enough had enough screen time with everyone service each character in the the plot and yet there's a few different on going on maybe they didn't address the monning thing like they either address tremont joe not enough for like a sort of in between zion but besides that like it's pretty good film like it's not much she can really could take it's They didn't try to do work miracles. But i just wanted to have a pretty comprehensive look at some of the stereotypes of people In nineteen eighty four and Yeah it's really well done film. I think and it's not even that long. It's like an hour and forty minutes. I really enjoyed the movie. I felt like it was like a small movie with a lot of heart and personality. Like i said everyone. I mentioned the movie to in the last couple of weeks. They talked with a few people about the movie. Everyone's face can lit up when i mentioned the movie. A few people told me that was one of their kind of favorites and people told me that. I should have told them that. I'm watching the movie so they could join me. And i can see why i really liked this movie. I can see myself like coming back to it in the future. I plan to listen to the soundtrack. Maybe i don't know why. I thought it was fun during the movie. And there's a few songs there that i want to find out what they are. I i i missed the fact that it's setting nineteen eighty-four and i just kind of took it for granted that everything looked old. But then after. I watch a movie i i went into youtube. I saw you kind of explanatory videos about nineteen eighty-four about the coal miners strike. And everything. i kinda took a dive into the history of the thing. The background of the movie Or the setting of the movie. And i thought it was really interesting I i heard about that sometimes in the past. I don't remember when i heard about the one thousand nine hundred four thing. It's the whole margaret thatcher thing. It was a good opportunity to go back. And and kinda learn about that period of time so all in all pretty good movie we do with the end of each step of our quest. We're going to take a vote. That will decide whether or not billy elliot has a place in the quarter quest essentials guide aka the quake. We will vote with a gentlemanly tip of the hat or an ominous stroke of the masters for me in the vote must be animus in order for it to pass borrow. Take it away I am going to teach my hat tip of tip of chitter Sorry i was a little bit on the fence whilst watching and also whilst recording this episode but In summary a i think i'm gonna tip my hat..

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