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One along those lines one thing to keep in mind for your listeners is not to expect to be an overnight success, but to grow steadily, and again, according to your values and not give up on those. But. Grow organically. We say are here. And, you know, find the best professionals that you can't the best advice and not not give up either bigger is not necessarily better figure is not necessarily better. I love that. Something you guys say is life is serious. Lingerie should be fun. I love that. I was reading that. It was like, I think that is so cute. I love it. Life is so serious. We have to have more fun, right? Yes. Even if you can't see it. So this is a question. I always ask. And that is what does fit fierce and fabulous mean to you. You know, it's funny by my first reaction was. It sounds a little bit. Like what we make? Seriously, those three apps absolutely do define our product. And and the women who wear it. We are. You know, I think what was unusual about us from the start in comparison to other intimate apparel companies is that our product without without even saying to each other. But we were creating a product that would make women feel good about themselves for themselves, and, you know, high five their sisters, if they caught, oh, you've got to keep you to it wasn't about appealing in a period way, you know, to the male gaze now that's a popular way of talking that that people use. But that is being our the core value of ours for forty one years, so fit fears fabulous that that works for me. Kind of how we define our customers are sisterhood. We call who had been with us for so many years and share everything that they've learned along the way as well as shared their product our product with with their family and friends that that is you know, it's sort of defines his latest Senate, defines them and our product Courtney, do, you know, the Hanky panky handshake? No that is something that happens very frequently. Not not just us. But, but it what it is is when people learn that, you're connected to hanky-panky or or the the subject of underwear comes up, and and both both women are group would realize that they all are wearing hanky-panky underwear. Well, it works best if you have pants on but the women's dig right in. To into their waistband and pull out their their underwear to show. Look more Yankee panky to we call that the Hanky panky handshake. Oh my gosh. That is so cute. It's defined on our website in many places where we're thongs in particular are sold. Thank you. Thanks. Of women's philanthropy committee, and I was meeting with them yesterday. I was telling them all how excited I was to interview today, and we were all talking about Hanky panky and half the room had Hanky panky on. It was like this is so cool. Yeah. No about the handshake those I'm gonna have to bring it up at our next meeting. Yes. They're all fit and federalists. Yes, they are. They are. It's wonderful group of women when we get together and and help out. So it's it's cool. I love it. You guys. Thank you so much for coming on the show in ladies. Please check out Hanky panky. If you haven't already there'd be a link in the show notes, they have beautiful pieces. I'm sure you've seen my Instagram. I've been photographed and a bunch of them. And I love your body suits. They're my favorite right now. I'm obsessing. Like wearing them everywhere. People are like oh my gosh. Thank you pick you bodysuits beautiful. You have to get one. Thank you guys so much for coming on the show. I this is such an amazing. This is like I can't even believe this is dream come true. So thank you again for your time for sharing so much information for showing us that core values matter and to stick with them. No matter what. Well, this has been our pleasure entirely, your they're welcome Gillan leader. Thank you again. Thank you so much for shooting into the singers in relates to see podcast means the world to me to have you shared in my tribe in my world. If you enjoyed this episode, I would love it could rain review and subscribe, and you really love this episode. I would love it if you could share it with a friend. Thank you so much for tuning in..

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