Caroline Casey, Deborah Al Faran, $3.5 Trillion discussed on WBZ Morning News


Heavy lifting is about to begin on Capitol Hill, where committees begin to dig deep into a $3.5 trillion social infrastructure plan. Beacon Hill won't BUDGE. State lawmakers say they have no plans to extend coverage of federal unemployment benefits. No knockout punches with days to go until preliminary elections in Boston, the city's major candidates for mayor square off in their first debate and happening right now, some damage done at Boston's public garden. We get more from WBZ SDrew mo. Holland Jeff. Some of the American flags planted at the Boston Public Garden in honor of 9 11 victims have been damaged. 2997 American flags were planted each representing someone who died on September 11th Caroline Casey is behind the flag planting for project 3 51 in loving memory of almost 3000 people who died. But again, many of those flags found this morning snapped in half or uprooted trash cans in the area were also knocked over. Crews have already been out there this morning, picking up the mess but sad stuff today at Boston's Public Garden drew Mulholland WBZ. Boston's news radio. UMass Lowell is going to pay tribute today in remembrance of graduates. Who died during the September 11th terror attacks. This ceremony will be held this morning at the campus memorial. Sculpture Unity A New day in Virginia. The statue of General Robert E. Lee, from the Confederacy that towered over Richmond, Virginia for generations, has now been taken down CBS News correspondent Deborah Al Faran Looks at what happens next. 170 Confederate symbols of.

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