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First does. Smp thanks dogs lesson. Peers and solution provider who was founded in nineteen ninety seven and we service national and international organizations with a focus on cloud data center networking security and collaboration solutions. So sean you know when we think about s. unified communications as a service moving to the subscription model. We still have many readers and listeners. Who are primarily on prem. If i'm on prem why should i go use cast yeah great question so <hes> as you know as well as empty does report on premise install base solutions for unified communications. Lets what we're seeing in. The natural transition over the past few years not just driven via the pandemic was to move to op ex model right and get out of the business in the operational overhead of managing those large complex systems that also requires specialized skill sets. There's a lot of value in consolidating your platform that results in cost savings and extended our ally giving their users the flexibility that they need depending on the services that they require most of the has platforms out there today. Native integrations and plug into pretty much anything. Right and at the end of the day provide a unified experiences to the end user population. So as we move through our podcast we're going to be talking about some of those specific things such as contra conferencing context center points services but for now with recast is a big topic. Why pick smp is a partner. Thanks so snp as a couple of wonderful offerings for our customers right now when it comes to uk's with the freedom of choice they're looking for organizations that still have premise based system. We have a wonderful engagement with regards to assessing where they currently are in their unified communications journey and what it will take to get them to the cloud for organizations that are leveraging multiple platforms. We have a journey map that will also allow them to consolidate to one platform cisco has two offerings right now. One being webex going and the other. Ucla cloud that has an incredible package. Bundle that we work hand in hand with cisco to develop that includes a fully installed fully managed offering by smp that includes pstn services and also allows you to conform with the latest in. I'm on one regulatory complaints. Sean i wanna thank you for joining me today and doing this. First of a five part series. I you cast in all the aspects of you. We're gonna be talking next conferencing. So sean where can we learn more about. Smp thanks talk folks can go to. Www dot snp corp dot com to learn more about everything that we have to offer

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