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Andruzzi fister says question for this report podcast with adam warren said that come back from the deal and monday do you suspect shreve we'll get sent down the aaa or will someone like aj coal get the axe do you see austin being sent down in the near future gets rhythm back if sodas running at the call what if someone else i drove your mckinney comeback before ronnie we kind of talked about the second part does recently but the whole adam more and things he's back monday i hope to god it's reeve it has three aj kohl's good like the anki is kept aj coal overall to rice basically kind of down so and he's been fine since then i don't see how i don't know how you can just just because he throws lefty that's ridiculous see i could trust fi keeping him over coal tree so yeah i would think shreve gets the act game log shreeves and how bad he's been okay so since may fourth he has may fourth nine appearances in six twothirds innings he has a twelve point one five year ninety nine runs in six and two thirds opponents batting three fifty five and she's in troop bertel i'm pre done with him one three seven opiates too he doesn't get anyone out whether it's a lefty righty they want him to be this lefty specialist just not the what these specialists that this team he doesn't get off these out or ready she doesn't get anyone out the antilock specialist ease the anti he's anti everything.

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