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Thank you Mark. And hockey is back. It's coming back January 13th. And it seems like it wasn't that long ago that it ended it but it also seemed like years ago. It's kind of a weird feeling but we're glad to have hockey back and and how they must be as excited as I am a health at the hockey is back. I am pumped. I remember the guy and she took but he hot actually maybe it was Hockey Central but he was doing this dance and he had a note on Twitter and it went viral and that's he was just doing the dance. I think all hockey fans were feeling I was like, I can't stop off cuz I think we're all very excited. I'm very pessimistic as you know, like I said once I know that something's been signed. I am all in because I do love hockey very much and it's right around the corner. I got all my dates. I've already got mine off something like very exciting. It's on like Donkey Kong still hoping for a defenseman, but let's proceed gentleman. Yes, very very excited. Nothing is going to be more happier than the the wage. Rid of hockey coming back. I had a feeling I'm not so optimistic or pessimistic as as Heather is excuse my words there but I had a feeling that once the big big names like Draeger and off and Friedman and and those guys were talking that a deal is going to get done and it's very close to being done. I was I was hooked Hook Line & Sinker for me. Let's get this game these games going on a shortened season. We'll talk about it. But now it's been it's been really good and and and just want to jump in real quick and just say that 2021 is going to be a really big year for everybody at block and go lucky Productions Sports May accompany. We have YouTube YouTubers come in to join us or get new podcast or get new writers. So please jump on board all that information that black and gold to get your update info your pre and post-game information..

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