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Find it highly recommend for you we're happy that you are your companion were in the wind going on in mind might find without oh yeah this piece drew hours he's good good morning to you i think that away but i'm trying to easy into it i consider it at the fact that at five am on the east coast in four am central timezone that music can be a bit jarring actually forget the music just me going had he had that could be a bit jarring payment pay baby that could also well that that actually kinda sweet could you imagine maybe i'll change my alarmclock to that so every time i wake up now i don't wake up in the morning but when i do wake up by here i think what's isaac but isaac that was your cue hey paving about the go different are pregnant pause there let's try that again betty three two why baby arrigo me every time i wake up hey baby so q at double a country accent hey baby get elegant isaac so for those of you who are just waking up up getting ready for your thursday i apologize for the fact that is he just gave you some had beggar music that makes you not on it makes you unable to snooze i'm a big that's even worse there've i go back to the head bangor music you don't want to wake up to roger goodell dillon you it's time to have some fun buddy is correct it's time to have some fun training camps in full force a bunch of them commend thing yesterday even more of them i am getting underway today now that's a perfect way to wake got no it after hours the football and football addition here on cbs sports radio and the cbs sports applegate to some baseball to a baseball cap down because adrian belle trey got himself ejected for something maybe you've never seen before at first time in my career but i've ever seen a guy ojected for what he did on wednesday night so we got a lot to get to this hour you can find me on twitter at a law radio you can also weigh in.

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