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Roeder reports the water was still close to freezing. Hold windy weather about one hundred people took the plunge into the frigid Mon river many like Frank calling have done this several years in a row. He says it's a great way to ring in the new year cleansing in the mon- all that it implies the annual event raises thousands of dollars for project bundle up from the bond Warf, Melinda. Roeder NewsRadio ten twenty thirty gay marching bands, equestrian groups and floats covered in thousands of flowers all gathered for the New Year's day rose parade in Pasadena, California CBS's Steve Futterman, was there says diversity was a key component of this year's parade. There have been complaints throughout the years that the rose parade did not have enough minority. Representation. This year, though, diversity seemed to break through the president of the rose parade for the first time as an African American and this year's rose parade Queen yesterday in an article she wrote for the LA times revealed that she is bisexual. This is the one hundred thirty. With annual parade in Pasadena, a NASA probe four point one billion miles from earth has reached the farthest celestial body ever studied by humans the new horizon spacecraft flew by the frozen distant world called ultimate Tuli early. New Year's morning. CBS news space consultant Bill Harwood is at mission control, six hours more than six hours actually for radio signals from that distance to reach earth, and what all was done confirmation of a successful. Fly by came in early this morning, prompting a wild round of cheers and applause among flight controllers and a large crowd of guests here. Scientists expect a stream of information to continue in sports in the Citrus Bowl Penn. State lost to Kentucky twenty seven twenty four this afternoon. Jeff Hathor an has more sports coming up for you at six forty six..

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