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That in a minute for now Please be careful especially if you're driving west of D.C. Back to you both All right thanks Samara Meantime to Wall Street now as a recession fears loom a lot of money has been lost again today Let's go live to double the TOP's Brennan Hazleton for the latest Well Sean you'll remember things were rosy yesterday after the fed raised its key interest rate to battle inflation but investors are jittery as you mentioned worried the economy might still be hurtling toward a recession The Dow dropped below 30,000 to its lowest level in more than a year at one point today It was down more than 900 at one point today and at the close had lost 741 points as a loss of nearly two and a half percent NASDAQ off 453% or a loss of 4% I'm sorry 453 points or a loss of 4% S&P down 123 That's a loss of about three and a quarter percent Data out today further points to a dramatic showdown or slowdown in economic activity housing starts dropped 14% in May much deeper than some analysts expected Now we'll see what tomorrow brings Brendan Hazleton WTO news Thank you Brennan the 3rd January 6th House committee hearing this month ended late last hour It focused on former president Trump's pressure on his vice president to delay or reject certification of President Biden's victory Lawmakers showed how that pressure incited an angry mob to break into the capitol that day And witnesses said some people on Trump's team suggested violence may be necessary to accomplish their goals Mitchell Miller joins us live from Capitol Hill in just a few minutes at four ten so stick around for more details Also this afternoon Maryland is now joining Virginia and D.C. and more than a dozen other states in reporting at least one case of monkeypox Maryland's health department is not recommending any special precautions be taken in the wake of this first presumed monkeypox case of 2022 but it does want you to be aware of symptoms to get checked out immediately They typically include fever chills swollen lymph nodes a distinctive rash that often starts on the face and spreads and sometimes it's just a rash with lesions that shows up As for the person who's sick they're from the National Capital Region and are recovering for mild symptoms in isolation Christy king WTO P news Keep it here on WTO we're going to take your life to Capitol Hill where Mitchell Miller was watching the January 6th hearing and traffic and weather including thunderstorms next four O 7 Mom and.

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