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It's the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC. Good morning, again, everyone many poor people today than a month ago. No the name and face of Arizona, Senator Jeff flake for better or for worse or for tortured ambivalence. Of course, this came as a result of when California professor Christine Blasi Ford delivered her allegations of sexual assault against the now supreme court Justice spread Cavanaugh flake was the sole Republican defector on the judiciary committee to call for the FBI to investigate. But the next week voted to confirm flake confirmed later that in the end he was always planning to likely vote for bread cavenaugh, but the nation needed a bipartisan pause in his opinion, regardless the call still made him a household name. And a short lived hero for Democrats. My next guest this American life producers Zoe chase had been accompanying the Senator in the days before and really the weeks before and sometime after that historic decision originally, not thinking. She was doing a cavenaugh story, and she chronicle those moments for powerful and thoughtful episode of this American life that some of you have heard called the unhappy deciders. Hi, Zoe, welcome to WNYC today. Thanks so much for having me, Brian. It's exciting. So you thought you were following Jeff flake for a different story before this nomination fight exploded. Well, I I don't know ABC. I would put it exactly that way. It's more than I thought I was done with Jeff flake before the nomination fight exploded because they had done this this this long story for this American life about Jeff flake trying to get a deal done, you know, the basically legal status for undocumented immigrants, and it's really hard to do a deal like that around immigration reform when you're a Republican running for office. He is not a Republican running for office. He's just a Republican who's retired from the Senate. So he thought he could do a bipartisan deal turns out he could not this is not a moment for bipartisanship, then this cavenaugh thing. So then do that story that's three areas. Then this cavenaugh thing heats up, and I see the Jeff flake is in the middle of it. And he's looking as as you pointed out as tortured Lee ambivalent as he always is. And I called them and said, hey, can I hang out with you figure this out? And that's why the title for the piece. The happy the I'm sorry. The unhappy deciders, right? Yeah. Exactly. He was not happy about having to to make this decision. And when I called him, and we talked before I went down there just to see if if there was a piece to do if he was truly undecided. He truly was I believe he really was in that he had a limited amount of time to make up his mind, and he did that kind of in front of the whole country. Here's just twelve seconds from your episode of flake agonizing over the cavenaugh decision. Debate staff.

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