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I think that he did genuinely quite like constants and love constants Eliane. But I'm not convinced that this makes him just attracted to women. I could see it being him being very enthusiastic about the idea of life being able to be in love with a woman that fades very quickly. I mean, I think that's possibly one of those experiences that like many gay people have had with that kind of fool themselves by social pressure and expectation. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Suddenly, and there is family pressure. And there is social brush it sometimes hesitant by scholars. That are Oscar Wilde married her to do away. With ongoing rumors about his masculinity and his sexuality or foles. This isn't the kind of complete picture of like every potentially romantic and we'll sexual relationship. You have a house with a woman. It's only the major ones like kind of his brief relationship with Lawrence bokram consents. And then there's a handful of times the he's alleged to have visited female sex worker and piper sex at least one of those occasions. He specifically is recorded as saying that he dislikes the experience sir off to he's released from prison. He was taken by some one he knew to a brothel winning sex with a woman, and he was asked what it was like, and he said it was cold mountain, which is an awful thing to say. Like that doesn't evidence a lot of interest insects and given the intensity of his relationships with men and how kind of prevalent and oak consuming become into the tension in his life guard and forward I find it difficult to view him as bisexual as opposed to gay the way that people should be. And look it's worth noting again that we're doing that thing that's not solving that skull is really occupied with that experience having that debate about bio gay, but it is something that got discussed a lot in just like circles, Qube hill Akkas, go wild because frankly, people want to claim him as this. Yeah. And I can understand that impulse. And like, you know, I'm not gonna say his show. But like, I'm also no can I be like, hey, guys. Let's go out. It's actually by. Thanks. I feel like in the end that is sort of impossible to pin down one way or the other like your evidence stabs up, sir. Where in eighteen eighty seven to eight hundred eighty eight social wiles is like. Thirties for friends at this point. He's married, but his kind of gone over and long calls rubbing Ross who was seventeen years old Saudia. Okay. Yup. Already quite sure his insects reality and generally portrayed as being determined to seduce him. At this point elements foot trail of and therefore the kind of line Jen role portrayal of human skull shape is that his kind of morals aware sexuality, and he's definitely very thoroughly enjoying beauty and close now friendship, but that he hasn't yet indicated actual sexual relationships winning one. He's not going into that yet. The birth Roby and also told her friends that the first time it had sex had been off his time with the ban. But in any case, this is August, definitely happened documented sexual relationship. But also out has the man of coverage in Aleta who'd he thinks juice me little Robbie uncomfortable. Also a source. So there is Richard omen kinda depicts. Oscar Wilde going with this court perhaps out of curiosity will caprice switch. I'm gonna call shenanigans home. You don't get try someone as being like, you have definitely gay amount going into this yet and then portray their first sexual encounter with a man is kinda like maize will. That's like. For what it's worth Neil. Mckenna understands Oscar Wilde's sexual experience quite differently up to this point hands. It's good to have had numerous sexual encounters up until this point with various men. He's evidence false squalls. Previous sexually hound has kind of just like his this, man. Who's quite close to in his a situation you could read into them having had sex. So I didn't find that terribly compelling. He doesn't really explicitly were bought the whole Roby Ross theory at its kind of rights around it. I do think it's worth Briggs emanating..

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