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Gerald Pollock's work. When you drink normal water, with or without electrolytes, and by the way in the book you should have electrolytes in your water. I do that every morning now. I drink 32 ounces of water with electrolytes. Beautiful. Before I have anything else. It's so healthy to get the electrolytes. Because otherwise, regular water sucks minerals out of your body. If you drink a lot of water, you eat oatmeal, you eat all these processed foods, all the whole grains, they contain a compound that sucks minerals out of your body. And the plants and animals, you don't have minerals anymore anyway. So we're all depleted of minerals. And it makes us weak. Biologically weak. And we can't make energy. So you get your minerals in. And then you do the whole body, infrared, red, and amber light therapy. When you're at Upgrade Labs. If you're at home, go out in the sun for 20 minutes a day, as naked as you can get without getting arrested. Freezing, depending on where you live. Cold therapy is fine. The reason you do that is that the infrared light changes the structure of water. And this goes back to when I first had Yak butter tea at high altitude. That was the genesis of Bulletproof Coffee. I had that too. It's salty. It's salty and not nice. But I felt different. And I was like, what happened? And funding after some research at the University of Washington. And by the way, just to clarify, Yak is the male. That's like saying bull tea. I was corrected by a Tibetan monk. I said, oh, is this Yak cheese? And they're like, and they all started cracking up. And it sounds like a bunch of Tibetan monks. And I'm like, what do you mean? Why are you laughing? Oh, because a Yak is a male. That's hilarious. What's a female Yak? A Dree. I forgot about that. I've heard that before. Dree tea. All right. Dree butter tea. What your body does is it takes that water that you bring in and it needs to transform the water from normal water into biologically useful water called exclusion zone water. To do that, it puts the water up against your cell membranes, tiny droplets of fat is what they're made of. And it exposes it to a 1200 nanometer infrared light that's called body heat. And when it does that, then the water changes how thick it is. It's viscosity. And after that process, you can use the water to make ATP. Before that process, it will not work inside a cell. You can see this kind of water on a microscope. It is not fantasy quantum woo water. This is actual science based on decades of research from Gerald Pollock at the University of Washington. Interesting. And he actually proved that MCT oil and butter make the highest level of exclusions on water of all the different fats he tested, which is why when you blend them into your coffee, magically you feel different when you drink it. It's because you change the liquid that was in the drink. And heat, because it's hot tea or hot coffee, also improves it. And so does the presence of polyphenols. So this is what's going on. So when someone says my energy's broken, I'm like, okay, make sure you've got enough minerals to fix things. Lay down on this. It's not about working hard at this point. It's about recovery at this point. Lay down on this thing. Let us charge the water. Charge your cells with red and infrared light. And they do it for 20 minutes. I haven't felt this good in years. Those knots that were caused by pseudo hypoxia and toxins, they loosened up. Like my brain works. I feel different. Like I feel really good. And after that, we might put them in cryotherapy to do some cold therapy. It only takes three minutes if you can do a liquid nitrogen or one of the really cold chambers that we're using at labs. But at home, you could do ice baths. And I even teach

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