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Warn you and they're having second thoughts about it they're having second thoughts because their children are growing up in nash and they're noticing that bill gates and steve jobs would not let their young children up till age fifteen or whatever have iphones have ipads she said that braindamaged woman controlled and was designed to victimise them but they have to tell you that a little press release oh i don't let my children have that you should neither but all the articles saying you shouldn't do it it's dangerous it's making you to press its lowering your out he was suicidal and now facebook twitter google are moving in for the stop suicide business and then oh they'll get you into the system and the bioethicists did catch you on some more drugs and things in an all committed suicide and even most executives won't go the full magnitude but the highest levels they shut around us bill joy said sean parker said as you on mush ed while the future doesn't need it should 1999 full covers story in wired bill joy co owner of some microsystems said i went to a meeting with the head check people and they voted nadda consensus too not the inner chain people and patient out slowly it let them destroy the earth but we've made the decision to go ahead at at at i don't agree with it and wipe everybody out now you know bill joy didn't let an all the meetings after that his partner i saw on pbs though that same year ago i'm some people don't wanna mursal machines i do i look forward to putting not just the chip at my son's hand but in my young fouryearold son sprang the backed up by any would abc news you all fake chips kid why ten thousand us army troops for depression had chips putting their branch watterson who vaccine we give you that stops depression it goes in each part of the brain there is they're giving people look bottom base it's already here and.

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