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Cheri presi joining us. This morning okay, dining. For, men, and women different but is it this differed or that different let's find out Cheri good morning to you what's the latest we were discovering here. Scientifically speaking morning Tony. Well yeah this is just the latest in. A study of how men and women diet differently and what it does for their bodies and what it means, so here's what happened there, was a research that was done recently they followed about two thousand people and they looked at they. Were all over weight and they were pre diabetic. And. You know not obese, but they were just they need to, take. Off a little bit of a weight over eight weeks they put. These people on a low calorie diet okay and after two, months what they did is they check back okay let's check how the men and women differ. From all of, this and what they found was that when it came, to this there is a difference in. How men and women, lose weight and Miami. Something you've heard before but but. Again it's hangmen had a much bigger change in? Their their their waist circumference in their fat mass Around their belly and that is key women lost more from. Their hips and their. Size and they didn't get as many good. Health benefits from it because you know here's the thing there's a key when you lose weight around your belly, it's healthier for you because, that belly fat you know Cps itself onto your organs in the middle part of your body so. Much on your hips and thighs so we actually. More. Beneficial for men to, lose the weight quickly and this two, months. Sort of diet and in the long term it's not it's beneficial. As well for women but in the short term it's more, beneficial tonight for men so the women you're saying we're not losing the belly fat correct the. Women, were not, losing belly fat women in general have a little bit, more fat in their bodies than men The way that. We. Are made. Its, nature, yes so when you go on. His low calorie diet when you see at the. End, they, both lost about the same amount of weight about eleven. Percent of, their, body fat so for a two hundred pound person it'd be. Like. Twenty two. Pounds but again the women lost the weight in. A different part of their body they did have, they had better you know a pulse pressure they you know they did lose, circumference in their. Hips but men mostly lost that fat in their belly, and that is much more beneficial to the. Human body, when you lose it around your belly than when you lose it in other parts your body now they. Say that men's specifically when you can lose it around your belly that waste area but specifically your belly. It's better for your heart, too so all right well very very interesting. And appreciate your time we'll, look forward to talking to you. Again soon Cheri, Preston my buddy up in New York City, for. ABC news it's six forty nine at. NewsRadio eight forty, WCHS Kentucky and his morning news we'll we're retired Paul Rogers Has a check.

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