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Proportions when it is all you see. You tend to think it is all that exists, and we have to be more disciplined. It's not only not old, it exists. It's not even the majority of what exists describing. Listen now by going up Fox News podcasts Trump The Fox News. Rundown is a weekday morning podcast dives deep into the major and controversial stories of the day hosted by the anchors of Fox News radio subscribe now to hear a perspective of news. You won't find anywhere else. Listen, now we're going to a fox news podcasts. Don Kam Charges filed against the ousted leader of Burma as the US condemns a military takeover. These police have filed charges against the country's elected leader Aung San Suu T two days after she was ousted in a military takeover. The Nobel Peace Prize winner is accused of illegally importing walkie talkies. Hundreds of lawmakers have been arrested in what the U. S. Is officially calling a coup Burma's new leader, a general who was already under American sanctions for attempted genocide. Is alleging voter fraud in elections Last year, Simon Oh, in Fox News area struck a $2 billion deal to settle a class action of future claims relating to allegations It's round of weed killer causes. Cancer settlement includes benefits for anyone who has been diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma who was yet taken legal action and would also include benefits for people who were exposed to round up and develop cancer in the future. Bayer inherited the lawsuits when it acquired Monsanto when 2018. Basic, a lawsuit subways trying to get people to try It's tuna sandwich for themselves. Subway is defending its tuna sandwiches. 100% real with wild caught tuna and mayonnaise, and it's offering 15% off with the promo code. It's real, if you order a foot long sub online or on its sap. The promotion follows a lawsuit filed in federal court in California that accused the sandwich chain of selling a tuna sandwich made up of ingredients that contain no tuna. Subway accuses attorney's filing the lawsuit of targeting the food industry to make a name for themselves in that space, though with the mayonnaise a foot long tuna sandwich has nearly 50 G of fat and 940 Calories. GeneCo's Sola fox New Wall Street If you close the Dow up 36, the NASDAQ lost two points. The S and P gained three I'm least Scylla, Sarah, and this is Fox News. No W O AI local news. A shooting in the San Antonio area this afternoon, has left about Kony's heights Police sergeant wounded, another officer was able to return fire. During the ordeal. He was able to return fire and dragged the sergeant back to safety, threw him into the sergeant's patrol vehicle and then took off and they went to the hospital nearby. As we understand it that officers quick thinking actions probably saved the sergeant's life. Fair County. Sheriff Harvey You're Salazar says the sergeant is now hospitalized suspects still being sought. Central Texas Cop and his wife are in custody after being accused of having sex with a teenage girl, Georgetown officer Samuel to hate and his wife, Ashley, taken into custody today and in Houston Rodeo Houston organizer's announcing They're canceling the event that was to have been held in May. I'm Brian can from the W away I traffic.

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