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They think they're going to be the one who makes the that mainstream audiences give a shit about, and almost always people go inside baseball I. Don't Fucking Care I. don't fucking care. witched at the end. They fall in love I don't know. And then they move, and then they move into the house from bewitched, and then the neighbors from bewitched are actually they're? Kind and Richard kind and I'm immediately like. Forty was literally like Amy Sedaris and I was like credits are about to roll my friends. We're getting in this from the beginning. It would be that made me seeing ABC's Arison. Richard kind as the neighbors who I like remembered from the original bewitch so charming, and is still chicken. Fun For me that even if I would be like. I want that movie. Please the this movie. I was like this is where the movie should've be began. AB, so it literally should have been the opening after the credits is. Who are these neighbors moving in next door? They're newlyweds. You know what this movie. Yeah, this movie should've been to actors who they just get married. She's an up and coming starlet. He sort of in the decline of his career. They get married I'm a witch opening credit. Here's the movie and the. The power dynamic could young that her career is becoming more successful than his and he's threatened. That is an issue that women working have today that men when they start dating, you are more powerful and then get in a lull, and then they are not okay with that relationship dynamic anymore, but as you said, the Central Metaphor of the series tracks well onto that of just like she has more power than he does. Literally she's magical and he feels threatened by that. Give us. Sedaris and Richard kind as wacky neighbors. That sounds like a delight. Show that they work on not bewitched. I don't think Kidman is good in any version of this and again no offense Nicole Kidman. Right casting you know what she's just badly cast. Got I'm trying to think of like who amy Adams. She she too serious. No, no think enchanted is two years after that okay. I'm. Businesslike Elizabeth Banks, but she might be too. Broad Bench would be great. Too I, think Adams like is right before she gets big enough to be playing this role or would have worked. Ask Same. This is the year before Talladega Nights I. Yeah. Of course, Kidman is to and neatly dark like that's where her yelling lives. She ll phony. They're seeing. Will Ferrell live in two different universes I think. We were talking about how they're the exact same age, but to me. It's like when people were like. Oh, it's like people who are like Oh. Did you know that Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Junior are were born the same year. You're right I, just I think of those two people never intersecting. That's about will ferrell and Nicole. Kidman writes the same thing where you're just like what she was already like married to Tom. Cruise Hosting snl eight years before he got on the cast. They're clearly from different generations, and it's like no. She got successful very young, and he didn't get really big until later, but also comedic styles their ax. Her personas just don't intersect in any way. What a fucking was our God, Damn move. I think this is one of truly the weirdest films we have ever covered and one of the blank check. Easiest movies we have ever looks expensive. It looks expensive and it's also just. It feels like I mean. We're talking about it. Coming out of we just need to make some bewitched movie, but this one feels like they're literally writing the script and real time like in the notion episode of Your podcasts that I record it saying I was talking about how much I love in like the best comedies of the forties the. And the sturgis movies. They're not concerned with sort of like act. One has to be entirely this act to be entirely. This were stalling for time. We're putting off the conflict. Being resolved that every ten minutes they'll introduce a new conflict, but the way that happens is organic. It is following the logical interior lives of the characters and what they would do next. This feels like a movie where every ten minutes they go fuck. This is running out of steam. What's a new thing? Yeah, what does she think we can do to fill? Right yeah. Let's play the bucks box his game. I didn't I didn't expect to get so angry about this movie I thought. Not. A Lot. It's a and it's. It's Nora's. We haven't seen lucky numbers. Get at the time of this recording. It's the one we've done out of order for this miniseries pretty much. I a big Adam resnick fan I'm assuming I will find a lot more to like lucky numbers than I. Do in this, but her loves are not fiascoes in this way, and you can always see I get what she was trying to do, and she couldn't pull it off this I. Just cannot even figure out how she explained this to friends while she was working on it like I was running that test imagine being at a dinner party with Nora Ephron and going Nora. What are you working on right now? And her going? Which and they go! Oh, great! I can see that my head and she goes well, but not exactly, and she tries to explain this to you over drinks. I'm fine up until Clara. That's when it breaks me. That's when the movie Clare Definitely on the movie completely under shatters, and then I think the double reverse reveal of McLean. Being which is over. That's where you're like. No excuse me this. I need another movie for this. If you're even going to begin this. Movie three, but it's right around the same time as rumor, has it? We're Shirley. maclaine is dropping into movies as like Meta characters, yes. Anyway Anyway this movie came out June twenty, four, two, thousand and five I definitely saw at the AMC fenway by myself and I. also because I saw so many movies that year by myself, and I just would see anything. I think I saw the trailer for this movie like one hundred times. referencing it. Houma Number One. Griffin is a movie I. Saw Multiple Times that the AMC fenway. It's one of the big hits of the summer. What is it? Wears the MC fenway. The Austin. Globe at this point in time Boston Phoenix okay all right, so it's in Fenway Park. You're seeing movies project. It's opposite so while you the Green Monster. It's all in the green, Monster. That is where the Phoenix used to be headquartered. Yes, right, Kevin. I used to green monster. Sherp because I hated sports, and when I would go to sporting events with my dad, and my brother, and he offered to buy Merch by whatever merch had a cartoon character on it because I was like I don't care about players, so they had a shirt that was like the green monster, like anthropomorphized with a face, and I would get such fit as a Kid New York. Wearing that shirt like like fucking. Me and I'd be like I. Like that he's got Google early is. This means nothing to me. Graft Murray Yankees family or mets family. or No My. My Dad father and grandfather were big mets, fans and I wore a Yankee hat a lot because it was a hat that I owned because he wanted to look like Zoey Deutch and set it up. Just admit it. Set it up so many times. I just love to bring up that she goes the Yankees. But I I was more Yankees for no reason I liked that logo in the colors more. I didn't care about anyone's games. The men in my family, all like the mets, but you did shut down production on gone girl for two weeks because I used to wear. Listen if I were a yankees hat, my skin mouth. Let's just how it works my version. That was fever pitch. They fired me off a fever pitch because I refuse to wear red sox. Times I have seen fever pitch, so let's get back to. My brother's favorite movie. was, number one, your brother. Ali. I'd say this top five for him okay okay. There was a bit one year where three different members of my family bought my brother fever pitch on DVD. Like I. Don't know what else to get him. He Watches that movie incessantly, okay? Access to it..

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