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Twelve rebounds, four of seven from three point range trays Tinkle's, Stephen Thompson, junior eleven points, five rebounds, four steals, six assists. Unbelievable line right there. And how about Tyler Kelly off the bench ten points, eight rebounds, three blocked shots in twenty one minutes of action nine points for big g nine points, three rebounds for the big guy and four points present Reichel, including a steel that was big time as he picked it off. And went the length of the four scored was fouled. Let's go through some highlights from the first half starting with Zach Reichel who put the beavers up for the first time after trailing ten to nothing, and they came back to lead fifteen to fourteen on his Reichel play to woods, his cross-court pass stola by Ethan Thompson. Other steel by Ethan ahead to trace tinkle to Reichel in the left corner. Reichel head and shoulder. Fake pump. Shot is good from the left side. It wasn't the corner. But Zac Reichel gets it to go. And that put the beavers on top fifteen to fourteen trace tinkle after back and forth. Couple Lee changes hits a three to make it twenty two eighteen. Are the far side to Jackson Donahue, puts up a three rebound by Cairo. Kelli, Kelli hands the ball to Stephen Thompson. Now, the beavers start the break to trace stops a pops for three from the right side petty. Juries it trace tinkle with another three quarter twenty two eighteen for trace traced tinkle with that shot and Antoine. Vernon. Got some early minutes off the bench burning comes in. And with the shot at the end of the the shot clock. I wouldn't say desperation shot. It was just a hurry shot for Antoine burden. Set by Kyle Kelly dumps the pass off to Vernon two seconds on the shot clock. Vernon gifts the shot off at the last second. And it goes. I don't know how that went in. He had a defender on him. I think even had the ball before. He he just kind of double clutched and shot at it went in twenty twenty Oregon state, and then coach mentioned that dunk off the break to go into halftime was huge trays tickle after the steel. Here's that play out top. Now Goodman dribbled off his knee behind his back working against Stephen Thompson. Crossword pesto mattress tickle six trace goes in for the duck. Yeah. He went the length of the floor. Ed went in for the dump trace tinkle to make it thirty one twenty nine at halftime. Ben tinkle comes back in the second half later in the half. When Oregon state pulled away the midst of a fifteen to nothing run with this trade, trace, tinkle and one. Trace tickled trace fakes right? Those left finger roll under the hoop. Shouted foul to go to the free throw line fashion. I should. And he made it forty one to twenty nine then gene comes up with a flush edge. Any throws it inbounds to eat. The Thompson who quickly gets it up the floor and then passes in the quarter to Steven Steven pass Jeep for the two headed flush. That made the score forty four to twenty nine sack. Reichel I believe this was the Zach recold cross-court pass pickoff. Ivy league player of the year. One has across Zack. Michael Reichel on his own goes plays it up and good over to chase him down. That was a great play by Zach Reichel. Yeah. That was in fact, a very good anticipation on the defensive play at the other end of the floor present Reichel trays tinkle came up to give Oregon state. I didn't write this down ten point lead at sixty two fifty passes high post to trace tinkle, spins looks at the basket shoots the free fall down. No whistle. But he hit the reporter. Trey singled, another three. And here's the last highlight and this one the Coors.

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