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Means? Los Angeles is slated to host the 2028 Summer Olympics and they were originally awarded the games in 2017. That's unconventional such an 11 year lead time. And what I've seen since then is the efflorescence of an anti Olympics movement here in Los Angeles, where I'm coming to you from a group called No lympics La that emerged out of the democratic. Socialists of them has housing and homelessness committee and they've been fighting on the ground since 2017 to raise awareness about the downsides of the Olympics people here in Los Angeles, who are trying to bring them, are going to bring the games. It looks like to Los Angeles. Have long said that costs are not a problem. They're not going to go up. Well, they've already gone up in the bed. They were five point three billion dollars and now they've been updating a six point nine billion dollars. But more importantly, for the activists here in Los Angeles, they're talking about how the Olympics are stoking, gentrification in the city, stoking the displacement of wage. King populations in this town and also militarizing the public sphere, Los Angeles hosted the 1984 Olympics. That if you look back at media coverage of that time, you'll be a journalist saying that the real sound of the Olympics was a helicopter blade worrying above, and a lot of the equipment that was purchased for the 1984 Olympics was then turned around and used in the wrong size, drug war here in Los Angeles, because that's what happens with the Olympics because there's such a huge spectacle, they necessitate a massive security infrastructure. Well, they don't put that stuff back in the box and just returned to Sender that sticks around and becomes part of normal policing. So you're seeing a lot of pushback and because of the fact here in Los Angeles that they were awarded the games eleven years, it's an advantage. Actually, a chance for activists to have a little bit more time to organize, than is typical around the Olympics. But, you know, Los Angeles should be looking at what's happening in Tokyo and be aware of what can possibly happen here as well. Jose boycott want to thank you for being with us out there for books on the Olympics and satoko, itani. Associate professor of sports gender and sexuality at Kansai University. We have 20 more seconds. What's the plans for the coming days? So the protesters will continue protesting and we have to make our voices heard because this Olympics have shown even with their even when we are in the global pandemic and we found the majority of people opposing voices, cannot be heard and Olympics must go on. And we have to keep saying no and hopefully the future Olympians, no Olympians but address this issue. So, Tony speaking to us from outside the Olympic Stadium. Where major protesters taking place coming up indigenous, leader, Winona, Laduke and off rev lives, Theoharis two, women in two different places in the United States will talk about why they were arrested this week. First will go to Minnesota where Winona, Laduke has.

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