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Ellensburg, thirty one. And then here on our side of the state. There are some cool spots Kelso. Longview about thirty nine at the moment. Tacoma forty-three seatac airport. Forty four degrees. Komo news time six thirty six a modest chain link fence will become the first visible sign. Seven hundred million dollar renovation is underway at keyarena developers. The oak view group say they'll lay wreck defense today around the arena site to get ready for the building's demolition. And reconstruction eventually developers will build a more substantial sound barrier fence National Hockey League's expected within weeks to approve an expansion franchise to play in the new arena, some of the state's top politicians could be getting a pay raise. In some cases. The race could be a pretty big one more from komo's Erik Heintz. Last week the commission that set salaries of the state's elected officials and judges voted to increase. Salaries for Washington. Lawmakers by eight point eight percent next July and another eight point eight percent a year later. The Everett herald reports the proposed to year increases ranged from six point six percent for governor. Jay Inslee to thirteen percent for Lieutenant governor Cyrus Sabine. Judges would see their pay climb by twelve point seven percent next year and five point one percent in two thousand twenty each proposed pay increase has two parts annual boost in the base salary topped by cost of living adjustment of two and a half percent. Each year a final hearing is set for February fourth and Olympia. Eric heintz. Komo news man who police say killed Renton, man. So he could take over his house is due in court this morning. Jeremy Shaw is accused of killing sixty seven year old Stephen morpheus last month. Prosecutors say Shah had planned to squad on the property then make a claim for ownership Shaw's charged with murder arson and burglary his wife Lorena also so faces charges, including arson, burglary, and rendering criminal assistance. She's expected in court today as well investigating a deadly motorcycle crash. In everett. Officers say the motorcycle was heading southbound on evergreen way when it crashed into a car this weekend or one hundred twelve th street. The man riding the motorcycle died on the scene. No one else was hurt. A man was struck and killed by an Amtrak train and still come yesterday morning. The man was walking along the tracks south of chambers creek about eight thirty when he jumped off one track to avoid a northbound freight train, but a southbound train hit him on the other track. The man was in his late twenties from South Carolina. He died at the scene, it appears the man was a transient, but it is not considered suicide. This is the.

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