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This is the yellowhammer news radio network i'm jay holland representative mo brooks republican huntsville said he will introduce a bill soon that will allow congressmen and senators to carry guns inside washington dc brooks appeared on the fox business network where he addressed the shooting last week at a practice for a charity baseball game in alexandria virginia brooks was not injured in the shooting but house majority whip representative steve scalise republican louisiana was seriously wounded the shooter james t hodgkinson 66 of bellevue illinois was fatally shot in a firefight with police here ston county circuit judge kevin molten is refusing to dismiss murder charges against keiron davis who has been held in jail for a decade without a trial in a friday order judge molten road that there was no evidence that the state purposefully delay the case or that defended dave this had been prejudiced in it davis discharged in the two thousand seven shooting death of pete reeves he has been held in jail for a decade without bail chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford said iranian actions have not been helping in the middle east tear ran launched ballistic missiles at suspected isis targets in eastern syria on sunday here's dunford at the national press club today brown is playing and unhelpful role in syria and elsewhere in the middle east and enough suddenly liver me describe it this way before i think their major export is malign influence across the aged and brand in philip single drove and johan camargo from third base in the ninth inning to give the atlanta braves a five four win over the miami marlins on sunday brought to you by attorney alexander shinohara a man for the people who says the yellowhammer news radio network i'm jay ever wondered what it flight to work at a happy place in alabama after any wind creek employee and now tell you whether you're taking a career and hotel management administration dining or security are properties and art more montgomery and attempt are filled with opportunities for you to seize we work to provide a wonderful experience for all who come through our doors if you'd like to start laughing.

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