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Saudi, his gli by Mohammad bin Salman and his handlers like there's footage of his main dude walking in the day of the murder and Trump has used this opportunity to and Trump late last week admitted that, yeah, the Saudi probably goes pretty high up that in Saudi Arabia and they're probably responsible and he was murdered, but he's not laying off first of all. He's not committing to any actual reaction or any consequences, but he's also just not stopped talking shit about journalists. Yeah, in general. Yeah. Had a rally in Montana. Week, and some people might not remember this, but in the build up to the twenty sixteen election, there's this guy Greg Gianforte from out there. He body slammed a guardian reporter who was just asking him a question and yeah, you so agro and unfit for office. He WWE this dude, and he still won because that's just the reality. Some people live in where that is cool. But then at this rally Trump was sort of like, yeah, he's my kinda guy or like anyone who can do a boot body slam. Somebody's might kind of guy and just sort of, you know, letting people know he cosigns these kinds of violent attacks on journalists. And yeah, when you couple that with just sort of his total inaction with the show g. thing it's just like, okay, so we're seeing now that he's slowly letting us embrace a world where we're like, really, just just going to. I don't know if this turns into like the rationalization for you'll be like, well, I think that journalists deserved to be attacked rating like that's where we're slowly going to go. Yeah, they're very slowly, but they are actually in the process of moving in that. Direction. So while Trump is not saying anything about hush. Oh, gee, deserving it, you know? And by the way we talked on earlier episode about how the thing that got Hushovd g like the order of silence from Mohammed bin Salman was him talking shit about the Trump administration. So you know, Trump is basically directly implicated in the studes. Death Trump is not saying anything out loud, but hardline Republicans and conservative commentators are issuing basically a whisper campaign that's designed to, you know, protect President Trump from people saying that he should be more hardline on Saudi Arabia, and you know to make his show g. look bad villain. Yeah, like villain. This standard shit just like when they're on armed young black men killed, oh, that was a man in a young man's body, or this dude is a thug or he had a fuck in. He was in a photo with a gun once right. Or both. John had weed in his fucking house. When the police officer came into his fucking house and shot him dead, like this is just the same shit just smear the victim, trying eliminate any empathy going in that direction and be like, yeah, so once we just smear the shit out of this dude, then it'll be easier for people to swallow the fact that you just did fuck all, and we continue this relationship. You know what's funny too when all the Republicans shout about fucking sharia law and all this stuff and he's like fully embracing the same. I, I don't know..

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