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Still got weather from kfi sunny and hot for your monday and this is probably your forecast for tomorrow as well as it going to be in the mid '80s at the beaches to low 90s in metro la and orange county to the low 100s for the valleys in the i eat right now 80s 63 endless alameda sixty six in gardez china has fifty nine in seal beach we lead local from kfi's 24hour newsroom i'm jennifer jones lee alongside look who's back executive producer michelle yields producer alex rather an engineer john ramirez this has been your wakeup call handle on the news it's now handle on the news bill handel all the mac rooting for you you know and then you coming gel it was not spilling for you and now here's bill handel here we go one day and since i don't have the date up there i have no idea what the data sixteen there you go sixteen because it's not yet written up their over we don't have the machine anyways a quick word hello first of all michelle is back wars wasp's nests las vegas i keep on telling her laughlin all white trash and she keeps on saying no not at all very nice people and i'm not saying that white trash can't be nice people i'm just saying there white trash no not really okay fair enough i've been there more times than you well yes dukes and earls yeah she's come across in low really okay how many people was straw's through their teeth instead of toothpicks okay and then there is uh jennifer jones lee not that there's anything wrong with no wayne resnick uh there's alex and john ramirez john we have to restore asia lunch today by the way and i'll tell you about that lehoko ma i.

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