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Server Mark you were just marveling at the fact that we're over one hundred people apparently logged into our discord server chatting away. Right now I don't know if all hundred, or chitchatting but they're. Logged in there's lurker. Is right like people probably the majority of them don't actually participate, in reading but there there and there are people talking about. Various topics we got different, chat rooms not just, about free, talk live but there's one for. Crypto currency there's one for gaming talk about New Hampshire stuff going. On here so Jesse who is just on the line with us on discord with has been posting pictures from his traveling as he's been going around New Hampshire So check it out over discord dot dot FM that's discord dot. L. r. end on FM as we go to the phones to the fun let's start with rusty in woodville Texas rusty you're on free talk live Yeah Aware that John McCain passed? Away Two hours I wanted to get your perspective on it I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction that whoever it is that, replaces John. McCain will also be a scum sucking politician Yeah My thoughts on, it you? Know The power you guys were. Both talking, over one another rusty. Go ahead Yeah hopefully the replacement, is such a warmonger and obstructionist McCain did vote against the, repeal ObamaCare and then there's a reason he's lauded by the. Liberal laughter Thing the Republican, are, they I hate to bash the guy when he's got gotta down with us anymore but, here he has a record you know there's some things that Don't square, with me but earlier. In the show earlier in the show I was talking about my relationships with. People and how I try to. Value things, like truth honesty Justice Piece personal responsibility above personal relationships that I, made I know you but the first thing I'm gonna do. Is make sure that you're you know you're telling the truth on things and if you're telling the truth, and well we can start having a conversation when it comes to politicians I don't. Care if they've just died if they've been dead for one hundred years or you know they they killed themselves in some remote place. In Germany with a shot to the head I don't care what they what. They did in their lives that I'm. Going, to look, at it. And I'm going to talk about. So I'm sure, John McCain was a was a great guy who has kids I'm sure that his. Wife loved him oh you know all those I don't, know anything about that, I'm just saying I'm sure. Because the kind of thing you say about somebody. Before he has Basham but I mean when, he when he went into politics he's he's pretty authoritarian a didn't seem to love the didn't seem to find a worry didn't love and the, reason, I I didn't vote for him and the twenty, two thousand eight election, was because he said bam. Bam bam bam bam bam leeann six and that. Was enough for me Rusty thank you for your call tonight I appreciate, it, let's, talk, to, James. He's. Traveling through. Wyoming James on free talk live I just want to thank you for what you do amazing often you know the baby discuss any kind of topic I just wanted to quickly tell you. That dictionary dot com defines please stay the nation whose rules maintain order and. Obedience by the threat of police or military force what. Am American police doing now killing. What four to. Five Americans a day. I think that my. Come under a police state Well it sounds like any any. Country. Would, be a police state by that definition I mean. Ultimately state is an organization the claims of monopoly privileged on the use of violence given landmass so if you don't follow whatever the rules are they're going to send. Somebody after you that person's likely to be called a police officer and that. Ultimately ultimately the state claiming monopoly makes it authorisation Absolutely and I'm just passing through a town called. Rawlins Wyoming is on eighty and I just went, up as I'm going through towns and it looks like the police they're killing me Collins who was allegedly, selling marijuana from a convenience store parking lot The AP describes the witnesses saying he was shot execution style Oh my God John's each was, from. Fort Collins Colorado so the cops killed some dude overselling some. Weed in this Wailing allegedly allegedly yeah of course not. Alleged. That the cops killed, him but it's, alleged that he was, selling weed is what you're saying absolutely in. The county attorney of course room, the shooter was justified but Has, found lawsuits so, you know there's hope, there I just want. To thank. You guys again for what you. Do. Welcome games. Understand what. A service you doing James. Thank you drive. Safe thanks for the call tonight I appreciate it let's. Continue my. Dog Rex on the line in. Florida my dog, Rex go ahead Thank you guys let. Me. And I. Want to. Direct you to Clint Richardson. Wrote a blog. Debunking education exposing syndicate and what's not what's the Senate. Syndicate is. The, school system Okay From David Spangler director of Kerry initiative for the United. Nations Said. Wrote no one will enter the new world order last year she will make it pledge worship Lucifer Talking, about the pledge of allegiance pledge they sure. Tea or. A bail could also be is here Herb middle English risk the loss of or the danger or Plight I'm lost here I don't know if it's. Because the phone was kind. Of cutting out a little bit you're saying. A pledge assuredly that's one of the, definitions of, a pledge and then, what shirt t. bail guarantee a, responsibility The risk of loss, or danger Pledge for schools The pledges appraised Singh As opposed to religion too Patriotdetroit pledging your heart and your soul of your body The? States in service of. The, idea of the government right so it's a training I, I look at it as a training for future soldiers our future Bon ridden mind-numbed robot spike Rush Limbaugh would, say trading Children as. Young winter. A very influential, impressionable Two It's pretty. Obvious I, mean that's pretty clear if you're gonna take six, kindergarteners the five year olds and start making them say this little prayer to a to an. Icon, essentially you're trying to achieve something, like what are you trying to achieve and brainwashing that this is not a form of. Brainwashing this is not a form of brainwashing brainwashing as you repeat the same thing the same thing over and over and over. Again and then ultimately people will defend it, themselves then you don't need to defend. It any long been happening all night, tonight? Right that's what's going. On and to, me, I I'm with the with the Amish and Mennonites and the wrists and the Quakers when they say that this is to me is called sky. Com it's an icon for a false, Scott that there's only one entity to whom I will pledge, allegiance and I cannot pledge allegiance to. Two so don't Ask me to pledge allegiance to your God thanks thank you my dog Rex for the call tonight appreciate it let's talk to Michael in Virginia. Beach listening to w an IS Hello, Michael Hello listen you're off the air here and I would, love to hear your response hanging talk. To you Talk to you right now, your way too, loud it's probably not your fault there may. Be. Something on the? Board that. Needs to get tweet down but or you. Can, back later that phone. One or one or the. Other you. Can back way way away from your, phone your child k how. Got, now. Got. Better, not much better but maybe back further away and then try okay how about that go ahead All right Where you're off your ears here at the w. n. i. s. I'm calling from. Beginning beach I would like teach year the two of you respond to my comments. And questions so please don't hang up as you. Normally do One minute time you don't even have a minute you got twenty. Seconds okay well I'm waiting for two and a half hours to say this. I believe that the bible is true and reliable, when it says that Jesus Christ is. The messiah of Israel who will rule the world was, Iraq I think that's what the two of you in a whole lot of trouble I want, to know more about what you're saying but we don't, have time for tonight so if you want to call in tomorrow or Monday you don't have. To call when we're live on WCBS. Because we're only there on Saturday nights feel free to call..

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