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Okay, here we go. Got Ten screens on right now, so national headline today. Of, course sixteen NBA players test positive in one day. Bro. This everything we've talked about for years. That this terrible thing, these terrible things happen in wrestling and because it's wrestling. People get away with things is under the radar. How in God's name I realize? It's the NBA I realize obviously I realize it's quote just wrestling, but dude. How is this not a story? We know x number of names I'm trying to think I I think five total of come out publicly. I can tell you for a fact. That the company doesn't want anyone tweeting about if they're positive. Of course, some people are doing it anyway, and there are more to come out I heard other names that have tested positive that have not tweeted about it because they know they're not supposed to, but between the people who have tested positive and come out publicly the people that I've heard that have not come out publicly, and there are also I have been told some friends and family that are now affected. The numbers here Dude Sixteen NBA Players is a national headline. toot, what's going on here? Don't you remember like months ago? The NBA players. Ridicule. Bear is a press conference well. That was a little different because he was like really stupid about it, but I'm saying. He literally touched microphones and got teammate gotTA teammate infected. I mean that's how easy it can be. It's it's just it's. It's ridiculous that we're having to talk about this again. And again and again, and you have people who are refusing to step with everybody and be educated and keep asking questions that we were asking March February that have been answered and proven a long long time ago. It's embarrassing and it's just it's. It's sad where we are today. Okay so of updates here. Then we'll get back into the story here. To Annex wrestlers released by me, following allegations that were made during the speaking out movement I. Don't know what took so long I. Guess Maybe W. We actually didn't investigation. Although giving them credit for anything over the past couple of weeks I I, whatever like Ero and Travis banks released by me so. I guess he's no longer the cruiserweight champion although they dropped that during the actual tournament itself. But. They are Gone Tessa Blanchard. No longer with impact wrestling no longer holds the promotions world at title statement issued tonight impact announce a promotion at terminated its relationship with Blanchard. They confirmed it as terminated. The relationship stripped her of the impact me. Tell us she was scheduled for five way on July eighteenth. So what I know about this is that she is living in Mexico with Dada and she has not been coming to any tapings. And her contract was set to expire very very shortly and I guess. Like I don't know if she just told him I ain't coming for the pay per view or if they just presume, she wasn't gonNA. Come for the pay per view or or what the situation was. A contract was coming. Do they weren't getting anything from her? I believe they also want vignettes which he didn't send in, and they were like fine. You're out of here and so she is gone. Then, we got the situation with Michael. Elegant So. Michael L. Gin. Has made his final appearance for impact wrestling in a statement issued today, they announced that elegant will not be appearing in any of the promotions. Further programming impact wrestling has announced Michael Elkin will not be appearing at any future impact wrestling programming. He was suspended earlier this week, pending further review of allegations of misconduct, so he was somebody who, in the list of like fifty five seventy people. His name was on that list, and there had been accusations regarding Michael Elkin before now on top of that on top of that, I was told by multiple sources that Michael Elgin and semi Callahan got into a fight backstage. Now as far as who started it I've heard stories, but it's only from one person so. Fact of the matter is. I'll just put it this way. I was told that the fight happened, but the person that told me the story didn't believe that that was actually the reason that he was fired, so they believe it had more to do with the allegations, but there was a fight. Multiple people told me that apparently it may be out on the Internet now, but that compounded things we'll just. We'll just put it that way so. Like I said earlier in the show I mean on a normal day. Tessa Blanchard Gone Michael Elkin gone. WWe Firing Gero Travis. Banks I mean on a normal day. This would be a massive Tuesday, but I woke up and that was the stories and I was like. That's not so bad today. Little. Did I know it's bad? Impact is not unlike a lower level college college football team where I went to Washington, State University and in between the Gardner minner shoes. You know they take chain. On players and draft players who had discipline problems or maybe records and It works out and sometimes it doesn't, but that's. That's where a lot of people who aren't wwe or a W. or whomever you know, find themselves. You've got to take risks on talent who who may not have the perfect records, and sometimes those people can prove themselves and other times. It just doesn't work out. And in this case, the talent did not work out for various reasons. This person here says how many corona positive people are at eighty w right now. They are not revealing any numbers. Can we talk about them well? To my knowledge, there are zero..

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