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Twenty two a nurse from Idaho. Facing charges in the disappearance of Kelsey Berith is expected to plead guilty to at least one charge Barrett disappeared back November and is presumed dead her fiance. Patrick Frasier was arrested in December and charged with her murder. ABC's Clayton Sandell helped break this latest development, and he joins us now in Clayton. Good morning, layout. What we know so far this plea deal has been in. Works for weeks. We understand and on Friday in a Colorado courtroom actually done in cripple creek. Crystal Lee is expected to enter a plea deal with prosecutors, and this is according to a couple of Lee's relatives who spoke to us anonymously because the deal has not been publicly announced yet, but family members, tell us that Lee has been cooperating with investigators, and they've of course, been looking into allegations that Lee may have disposed of evidence who remember when this case first broke if that investigators said that three days after Kelsey Barrett vanished or was last seen on thanksgiving her cell phone with detected in southern Idaho. And while lease exact relationship to phrase and her alleged role in the case are are still a mystery. We've got multiple enforcement sources have told us that she is suspected of driving Barrett. Cellphone to Idaho in attempt in an attempt to to get rid of it. So there may be other things that she was involved with. We'll have to. Oh, wait to find out. But right now, we don't know exactly what charge or charges she's expected to plead guilty to or whether she will face any jail time. We of course, have tried reaching out to the district attorney's office. They are not confirming or commenting on any potential deal. But they do confirm that Lee does have a court date set for this Friday in Tyler county. Okay. Yeah. Tell us a little bit more about Patrick Frasier. What's next for him? He's facing murder charge. But there is no body, right? Right. And he will be back in court in his criminal case on February nineteenth. And you're right. It is. It is tricky because there is a nobody no cause of death. And so we've actually spoken to former prosecutors, including Bob grant from Adams county who tells us that without that a prosecutor really has to prove the death without any question. And he says otherwise jurors are going to be constantly checking the door to see if there's supposed victim comes walking through it. But Patrick crazy. We'll be back on the nineteenth. Right. Thank you Clinton. We appreciate the insights in the information so much. Thank you. You bet guys take care ABC's Clayton Sandell a little money news now at nine twenty. Not really a lot to get up much. Mojo on Wall Street today. At least not yet now later today, Google parent company, alphabet releases its latest earnings report by now investors are kind of waiting to see that. And also waiting for any developments.

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