Library Of Alexandria, Persia discussed on Regenerative Agriculture Podcast


Given your perspective that many of the challenges we faced are based on the mental limitations that we impose on ourselves. Where do you see areas of opportunity for growers today. I think the biggest opportunity is self education. Look at you. You are probably the best example. I have ever met a man who self educated. You've probably have the the learning equivalent of several. Phd's and you've done it yourself. The last class. I taught i told them that. Twenty years from now. If you think. I'm the best teacher you ever had than. I have failed because if i really succeeded as a teacher best teacher you'll ever have as yourself and nowhere in history. Have we had as much ability. I mean unless you had a you know a cot set up in the library of alexandria or the libraries of you know. They're in persia in money then. Would you had the opportunity to learn what we're doing right now. Podcast you can be winning a university.

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