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Door and met Rachel here with a series author of a book that just came out. It's called inelegant defense, and it's about your immune system. But what it really is about your about communicating with people and the problems. They have and seeing both at the branch of science and humanities kind of come together and what you really brought together, well. And you know, you wife's a doctor you've done medical writing for a New York Times as well. So it wasn't totally know. You weren't totally immune to the topic. But so let's talk about your friend. So you're, you're he, he, he was told get your things together, but he didn't take that what did he do? And what happened? Well, I mean in reality, he, he had little choice but to take it because traditional treatment had been withdrawn he took this drug called Nova mob, which at the time was off label not on the market for his condition. FDA approved the FDA. Approve not for his condition. I mean this was really on in the in the days of immunotherapy, how many years ago was this forget, I've wanna say twenty thirteen. Okay. All right. So recently, right. And what you have to know is, maybe we'll get into it more later. But immunotherapy, it's more complicated than this by orders of magnitude, but it essentially seeks to stoke the immune system where it has been stymied. So important is this revelation that it led to this year's Nobel prize files? So the people who invented who discovered at Berkeley, no less who brought a mouse back to life, basically. Dr James, Allison shared the prize this year for the seed corn that led to what I'm about to tell you next, which is Jason now not a foot in the grave guys. Nine toes in the grave. Okay. Takes this couple of weeks. Later Beth his girlfriend wakes him up and says Jason get out of bed. You're tumors of disappeared. Wow. Completely gone. Well, you can't relieve the pictures in the book because Beth and Jason decided to start taking photos day by day, and it is like looking. I don't know at. I don't know pick your metaphor. Sinoe is of God. I don't know what you say so much time. So, but let me ask you this. So in the last minute here. I mean what do you what do you take from the six here? Here's the here's let me add it up. I didn't realize because I because I can obviously string out a yard. No. I. And here's what happened. I picked up. My pen I decided to learn what is the immune system and not just what is immunotherapy. And here's what I here's the bottom line. We are at a fundamentally changing era of medicine. And it's bending and yielding around our understanding of the immune system. And we're beginning to tinker at a molecular level with this thing that is so complicated so extraordinary that it rivals the brain as the most powerful incredible sophisticated network in the world on the planet in the known universe. That is where we are in the book gets into cancer autoimmune disorder HIV the science behind it. The best I can say is we are in the area of immunology, and I'll just tell you, I've read it, and you will enjoy it. It is a book to get you could get it for a college kid. Or you could read it yourself. It has that kind of appeal and it really it's, it's remarkable work. Really good stuff. We come back. We'll come back. All right. Awesome. All right. Again, metric till the book is called an elegant defense coming up changing the SAT's in a lot of people don't like it. That's coming up on. G..

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