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Of throws and i wanna see better anticipation throwing into those type windows from cam newton we know that he can have sheer force of will so we'll his team i think the change that a little bit he's still going to going to run the football but he hasn't been very judicious when he decided to do that it's about him in the pocket is about and being more accurate north turn is able to do that it could be another special season for cam newton who still have to pretty special ready his rookie year and the year he won the mvp talk about the nfl nfc south quarterbacks ranking them from number four the least to number one the best right here on freddie and fitz simons on espn radio if it's and it has ryan fits paget bucket that number four i have jameson winston at number four we both agree that cam newton is number three so oh who is number two this is close by the way closer than i thought it would be when i really kind of just went back and you're going over the eyeball test and numbers but i've got matt ryan behind drew brees for two reasons there's three major categories when it comes to quarterback play completion percentage touchdown interception ratio yards right and then you have fourth quarter comebacks you know game winning drives but when you go the dish the big three matt ryan has drew last year in touchdown i n t ratio not even close matt ryan twenty six to five drew brees twenty three to eight completion percentage easily to drew brees completed seventy two percent of his passes last year to sixty five percents matt ryan i mean you you you shaking your head right seventy two percent in the nfl that's hard to do on air right air and skelly and scrimmage and in practice without human beings in front of you it really is remarkable the year he had last season and then number forty three hundred yards which is a down year and it's still more than what matt ryan through four with the falcon so it's close but i'm going matt ryan second drew i the one thing i love about this conversation we're talking about two guys that even when they're off their game there's still kicking your behind and taking names that's how great both of these guys have been i got drew brees and number two i got married ran a number one and believe me like you i went back and forth with both of these guys people keep wondering when is drew brees going to have that cliff moment where you say yep that's when it happened that's when that guy stopped being an elite quarterback that's when i up being a very good quarterback we could still be a couple of years away from that when it comes to drew brees tom brady forty five drew brees may not be that far behind standpoint and to your point there freddie mean drew is thirty nine thirty eight forty three thirty nine rhetoric so everyone talks about tom brady playing until he's forty three forty.

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