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World once you their amazing it it it it really is and i is science investigating this yeah you know the thing is that for many years it was regarded as a few tudo science you know it was it was not taken seriously by dream researchers and psychologists for for many years it wasn't until the 1970s when two researchers keep heroin in england and stephen the verse i here in california at stanford university i independently of one another on did very similar experiments that showed that we should dreaming was indeed a very real phenomenon um what they did was they had um subjects uh go to sleep in a sleep laboratory um they would be hooked up to all kinds of monitors of if they can be verified that they were sleep and dreaming and you know is different stages of sleep and you can see the different stages they were going through on the monitors and they were instructed to make particular movements with their eyes when they were in the lusa dream have this is because you know when you're dreaming when you're a sweep your body goes into a state of temporary paralysis and this is so that you don't act off the behavior of your dreams we sometimes call of the old tags singer yeah you know you like what you don't want a band your head against the wall or from in any short corners or anything like that if you if you know so you so your body gets paralyze y while you're a sleep and uh and i think what you're referring to is during sleep paralysis someplace people wake up and they see you know threatening figures like the old hag like your to the striving but most of that we can talk about that later but most of the time people during sleep paralysis are actually asleep and and.

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