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Fell network and streaming on prime video Super Bowl with the Packers. Multiple pro bowls ten years decade in the NFL, Greg Jennings sitting on the couch. I tonight FOX NFL analysts. Let's talk about this game. Does feel like an elimination game. Green Bay has to go to Minnesota. And Chicago they have now Seattle tonight Seok a very tough division. So ram's can actually clinch tonight. Let's talk about the Packers. They have never won in Seattle. My theory is when you don't have a running game. It's hard to go on the road and win. You can win thrown at home. Gotta have some running game on the road. I like Seattle tonight. What is your takeaway? Well, I'll start with this. I like Seattle tonight. The Packers do now have running game with Aaron Jones. But here's the thing about this game. I I just don't know if Aaron Rodgers health will allow him to prepare this Packers team the way that he has once done in the past, and especially when you are going into atmosphere where you you haven't won you mentioned that it's hostile. You have all these things that have transpired over the past two years. I think the last time they were there. It was the NFC championship game. And that the buckle that fallout. And then the the time before that was the hail Mary. Not this is not been a place of great luck hack. It has not been it has not been. And when I see what the Seattle Seahawks has been able to have been able to do they run the ball. And they keep the ball out of your best guy's hands. And obviously the Green Bay Packers their guy that they want the ball in the hands of his Aaron Rodgers. And if you can continue to run the ball against his Packer defense. It's going to be a long night for the Green Bay Packers. They're relying on a lot of young is this is my takeaway when drew Brees son at monster deal. They went seven to nine seven nine seven nine is offensive line got bad. And the defense wasn't as good when Aaron took the money. He's gonna play with younger guys for the next four or five years. They have a great rookie corner. Two of them. They have a great second year running back. This is kind of the reality. When you sign up for that fat contract, your teams, get little younger, and that's the reality of Green Bay. Now, it has to get a little younger but the Green Bay Packers. What they do is there. Typically, always a young team because. They don't go after free agents. They don't go sign. The guys who are on their second contracts. Third contracts seven eight nine year guys. They don't do this not what they do. They birth guys out of the draft. They nurture them. They kinda mowed them into who they want them to beets fit their team. And they keep them on that that rookie deal. And when you have a guy who takes up a huge piece of the pie Rogers does that has to be a formula that you have to be successful at in has it worked. Well, drew Brees was able to reboot. It. He signed a new deal that was cheaper. And they had back to back. Great drafts where they got multiple stars in the first couple rounds. So by the way, again, I think it's gonna be rough sledding next week four years with him. I really do for Aaron because he's going to have a very young team. But you have to the other thing with the Green Bay Packers. They're never so deep so low in the draft where they get these great no opportunity twenty four. Exactly. So drew Brees. Yeah. He took a. He reconstructed his deal, but they also were bad teams. And they were able to pick a lot higher than backpackers, by the way. I heard this bothered you. So this lady and bells gone for the Steelers, and he's out there and the team rummage through his stuff, bud. Debris a linebacker for Pittsburgh. Let's play the tape here. My..