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Specific regions research network in 2016 to create a national platform for the study of special pathogens uh uh 2018 marks one year anniversary of the 1918 influenza pandemic john increasing milestone and it's important uh rate the significant investments made and prepare it up and said time however he and challenges remain in our preparedness we will continue to develop new and better ways to prepare for respond to and recover from nato late pandemic in john's outbreaks but also outbreaks of other emerging infectious diseases and release of highly infectious agents rather accidental or intentional thank you prime two his just have time for i think a couple of questions and you talked a little bit about the health care program that occurs manager federal government dr ingles be topped with tom ingles bagged concentric already policy director did you say a little more about what the government would what are we all learn experience of he bola and we try to take care of highly contagious patients because it's so relative for the pandemic influenza preparedness i think john ways the conest a little off guard with we deal with an every day and hospitals we have infectioncontrol nurses we have systems in place to monitor in track infectious diseases within our hospital situations but bringing something forward as unique as this put a challenge on to how is it transferable and what are the other levels of care related to infectious diseases when we don't really know the cause or something that we've never dealt with has really put it really put a challenge and the sort of a wake up call it a visit when i was a nurse in the hospitals many years ago we had continuous education classes almost on a weekly basis of something or another uh those programmes had not been a place in hospitals where we were bringing people back together in rihan reiterating their knowledge base on certain things and i think what.

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