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Little country music on this Thursday. Thank you, Jordan, young Jordan, producing the show as always joining studio by Laura Tich Laura, v as I call her now. So father's day's coming up Sunday. Yeah, I'm actually going to be gone for Father's Day. I'm going to be on my Alaska chip. So looking forward to saw the forecast. It's cold and rainy every day. But that's Alaska. Right. That's normal. Right. Which so you shouldn't be disappointed. Whereas if you stayed here where it will also be. Sad. At least I'll be at some point at some parts of the trip on a cruise ship, enjoying myself with all the yourself silly. All the accoutrements come with that. Yeah. And bunch listeners are going with me as well. Yeah. That sounds fine. So how do you how do you Mark Father's Day? Well, my dad is eighty four and three. That's awesome. And we used to have a few traditions, we would either go to Arlington racetrack. Love them. Yeah. Or we'd go to a cubs game and I say cubs, don't like get your on these bundle. This is when I lived in Chicago, and this was when Wrigley field was actually affordable, and you could like go up the day of and buy a ticket, and it was really awful. They hadn't won the World Series. Yeah. They were in their very vast long losing streak. Exactly. But those were super fun because he loves baseball he loves horse racing. And so I actually don't know what we're gonna do this Sunday. We're supposed to call and talk to each other today. Figured out. Yeah. Same thing. I'm gonna be gone. So I'm gonna have to figure out some time to make up for it after the fact. Yeah. Do do your children that you appropriately. Yeah. My kids are great. My daughters are think thirty two and thirty now and, you know, the greatest thing they did for me for, for not just fathers day, but they gave me two grandsons daughters. Then have two grandsons is like the coolest thing in the world. So all those things I love my girls but I'll things they didn't want to do. I'm going to try to get my grandson's into all the sports stuff. I cannot wait. Just go to a baseball game. Yeah, the coolest thing that's gonna be awesome. I don't know much younger than I have three boys. And they're you know, early to mid twenties. And so they, they don't have to have children right away. But, you know, within the next ten years, it'd be nice. I'd like to be healthy enough like you young to really young. Yes, one over the flattery I wanna be back on the show. So I gotta be nice. So what did you learn about radio today? That all I gotta do is look in the in the eye contact. Yeah. We have we have to have that we have to have a conversation. Yes. And those big top something topics today. We're not always going to do that kind of we dove a little deep is good. You have to you got to nudge the audience once a wake-up, it's still early in the morning. Yeah. For some people for me. I would not really not to wake up in the morning, adequate six. It's normal. I know you're in this fitness thing now too. I am. I've lost twenty four pounds impressive. Yes, I lost again. Twenty bucks. The trend is okay. It's still down twenty. Yeah. If you were in Vegas you should walk away. I'm saying this as I'm going on a cruise ship that has free booze and free flow. Right on, but unlimited tell us what the scale says, and you get back or not, I'm not gonna way myself, you weigh yourself before you go on a trip like that. That's crazy. If you're skinny, like my producer, Jordan, you can eat, whatever you want eats, like a horse, he'd probably works out. He looks pretty good. Kid hasn't seen a gym in twenty years. Really? He's just he goes out. He's a young guy when I was at age. I was I was a metabolism thing. Yeah. What a life you lease. He's a player to would say, well, thank you for. Thanks for being here. Yeah. Well, thanks for having me. Let's do it again. Then we won't always be heavy like we were. Okay. All right. Thanks for being a Laura. Join me, Laura Bucci, Tich Laura visas. I now caller more of the show next coming up after the break. You know what is the four at ten stories? I wanna talk about that's next right here. WTMJ. It's time.

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