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Jacob. I've got my lucky shirt and xfinity flex. Oh yeah take. Family got xfinity internet with the best wifi for their home and a flex four k. Streaming box free plus peacock premium included. Jacob is ready for anything. Go team you with metal ceremonies highlights interviews and more plus all his favorite streaming apps in one place. Can your internet do that. Switching supply not available in all areas Required xfinity proud partner of team usa. Welcome to the cocky ride home for july twenty seconds two thousand and twenty one. I'm glenn fleishman in for jackson bird. Who was on vacation. Your payments for dog walking and Love hotel via event mo are now no longer. Subject to global scrutiny. Neutron stars have we tiny mountains smaller than predicted pool parties by the hour via swiftly and former colombian guerrillas tore you through the beauty of the jungle. They still inhabit. Here are some of the cool things from the news today. Strangers around the world will no longer be able to see who you're paying for dog walking or College fees yeah. That's it then. Mo has discontinued its global feed when the person to person mobile payment system started it predicated itself on social flow. The founders wanted everyone by default to see everyone else's payments to generate a sense of buzz and to give them ideas about what they could use it for. This quickly became unwieldy and awkward. The venlo apps marked all payments as public by default for a while so people wound up broadcasting secret love affairs adultery and drug deals among all the anodyne quotidian.

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