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Magical runes appear on the door and you see that this door is not magical but there is a strong magical presence coming from the other side gloss mainly it would seem so okay. There's a ghost on the other side of the store. Obviously we knew this How do you want to proceed my friends. This was expected. I suppose seeing it was definitely a situation where i was expecting a ghost while. We're preparing for anything out here I might as well whip something together. This is something. I've been working on something that something that neville was teaching. How do i haven't quite got the hang of it but here goes nothing And i kind of wit together a bunch of stuff and i pour it all into a little vial. And i've violently shake it together. And i now have an experimental elixir which i can roll a d six to determine the effect of is there's more blade oil. I put it on my blake. I'm glad you didn't try to eat at this time but just one second six. Oh it is the altar self spell So it can either like give somebody gills or it can give somebody at extra d six for an unarmed attack or you can use it to disguise yourself interesting. You know someone who likes to use an unarmed attack. Oh good i thought you were gonna offer me to have gills. And i'm not interested now. I saw you in the pool. You are already so comfortable and water. You have swimming lessons. I kept sinking to the bottom. Yes i have. I have a large lung capacity henry. If you want to drink this feel was right. You can't drink this one bottoms up guys all right. You see henry throws back. This elixir pat my neck to see if i got gills and you do have small gills. What the fuck either small. you know what. Let's get some pancake putty on those. They'll be fine. You grow very tasteful gills But then you're doing the unarmed attack. One natural weapons you grow you grow claws fangs spines horns or natural weapon of your choice your unarmed strike steal one d. Six bludgeoning piercing damage as appropriate to the natural weapon. You choose and your proficient with your unarmed strikes. Finally the natural weapon is magic and you have plus one bonus the to the attack and damage roles you make using it. Wo- them magic is really great for. That's much going to be much better than a regular old albert amazing henry. Wolverine style is very painful. You see clause grow out of your hands hock cracking as the bones in your hands. Exa gills redirects to make room for them. I'll take the gills henry. I gotta be honest. I use some of that bone finger. I think this is why that's happening. I'm sorry henry. Now has wolverine bone claws fucking magical by the way so everybody at home knows. Everybody is level three now a little after last week's shenanigans henry. Why don't since you're great weapon fighter and everything. Why don't we treat your claws almost like a great sword. So why don't we just have. You will flavor it so you do your tax normal and we'll do two d six instead of the one d twelve and then because it's magical will give you plus one plus one to it. Nice guy who wish to lead the way i can always lead the bam not afraid but i don't want to take from someone else actually hinder you look the most fucked up right now. I would be scared to encounter us. So maybe you go first. Okay yeah could knock on this door here with minute claws yeah. Let's go ahead and knock on the door that seems just like totally bonkers idea. That might work out okay. Henry wraps with his bone claws against the door. Tapa scratch the door like a cat in this these catacombs full of monsters you think the most non-threatening thing to do is to add a door with magical clause let you do here after you knock you hear a voice go run away. This crypto spin does secreted. Is these toilet. Did we just knocked on the bathroom..

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