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Vulnerable populations in sports eagles get a big victory over the cowboys final score seventeen to nine it's thirty seven going down to thirty one tonight good evening I'm AT one hacer our top story in a one it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but for many living near the site of Thursday's explosion in south Philly it's anything but as he would have used fairly reefer ports neighborhood businesses are stepping up to help the damage and disruption at eight then read will be around for a while following an explosion and fire federal state and local authorities are working to figure out what caused the deadly explosion two bodies have been recovered from the debris officials say at least a dozen homes are damaged three are destroyed two are on the verge of collapse they lost everything and Christmas and Hanukkah once this Friday like effects everybody Fred user is a chef and makes barbecue at eleventh and Morris the next day Mike said would be a good idea if we put some donations out for people who were displaced or to to get some food from us several other neighborhood restaurants including the Dutch and red crest fried chicken are also helping Barbara Farley who lives just a couple blocks away is not surprised well this is the kind of community where there are a lot of small businesses and I think they're very mindful of the community because that's where the customers come from and they give back anyway that they kind of I think you've seen a demonstration of that anyone who wants to help should contact the pass young square civic association there is no time line on when the street will re open or when displaced residents can return in south Philly Charlotte Reese KYW newsradio I had to go to its trafficking whether on the two one ninety five it's north bound still closed at academy this is due to a very serious accident again all lanes blocked everybody being forced off at academy road so because of this it is jammed all the way back past the two county palm IRA bridge now the southbound side in ninety five as you approach the accident scene people are slowing down to take a look you're also seeing problems right now twenty six street that is jammed all the way back to Penn rose Avenue it's an overturned vehicle accident after this Google expressway westbound things at a crawl due to an earlier accident from city Avenue all the way out pretty much to around four seventy six the blue route also heavy delays on the Boulevard southbound at fox street that is an accident in the left lane now we're not seeing any problems right now on the Pennsylvania Turnpike were out on the northeast extension in New Jersey the forty two freeway looking go we're not seeing any problems right now with two ninety five or fifty five the Delaware River bridges looking pretty good with mass transit it's on or close to schedule next update in less than ten minutes I'm Jim up master in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center thanks Jim now the eyewitness weather five day forecast your C. B. S. threes Lauren Casey for tonight mostly clear and not as cold low temperature at thirty one degrees could see some areas of patchy.

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